Comic-Con Update #8 – Hollyvood

There are a lot of great comic books out there today.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of stagnant ones out there too.  However, I recently came across one particular title that fits the former, not the latter.  Hollyvood is a new series recently released by writer/director Vem and his writing partner Steven Thadeus.  The story features a lonely immigrant on his travels from Eastern Europe to the United States in hopes of fulfilling his American dream.  Why do I say ‘his’ and not ‘the?’  Well, as you’ll find out in the pages of Hollyvood, everyone has their own version of the American dream. 

The preview issue of the comic can be found online at www.hollyVOODsite.com.  I checked it out for myself with the intent of giving this new title a chance, not really knowing what to expect.  The dialogue is delivered in a very matter-of-fact style, yet very existentially while the artwork is gritty and sets an environmental mood not dissimilar from the cityscape of the Max Payne series. 

A quick and entertaining read, the preview issue also opens the door for a plethora of character development.  I’m already seeing a hundred different ways the main character can go, and with all of the influence that can persuade a poor man, I cannot wait to see what happens next.  Expect Hollyvood to deliver a dark story full of intrigue and retribution.  Check it out today!    



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