Comic-Con 2010: HBO’s True Blood

For the second straight year in a row now, Ballroom 20 was packed full  beyond capacity with fans of Alan Ball’s HBO series, True Blood.  Even the peeps that waited for over 3 hours outside the Ballroom were not able to get in.  Diehard True Blood fans suffered through preceding morning/afternoon panels just to get a glimpse of their favorite premium cable cast.  Was it worth it?  Of course it was!  However, being a member of the press does have its advantages (insert smile).

The Comic-Con 2010 True Blood panel consisted of Anna Paquin (Sookie), Stephen Moyer (Bill), Sam Trammell (Sam), Denis O’Hare (King of Mississippi, Russell), Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica), Alan Ball, Nelsan Ellis (Lafayette), Kristin Bauer (Pam), Charlaine Harris, Joe Maganiello (Alcide) and Rutina Wesley (Tara).

As with all my other Comic-Con 2010 panel posts I’m just going to list everything that I was able to capture for you all, including my killer pictures I took intermixed in below.  Enjoy!

After all the panel members were introduced, Anna Paquin ran off stage and brought back a cardboard bust of Eric that she placed on the end of the table.  You can see it in my images.  Alexander Skarsgard (Ryan) and Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) were unable to attend the Comic-Con festivities as they are off filming a movie right now.

Anna Paquin says the remainder of the season will allow fans to figure out what’s up with those x-ray zapping fingers she has all the sudden.  She also said that she is enjoying more action, which she never had in the X-Men films.

Stephen Moyer talked about the 180-degree head turning sex scene.  He joked that they really killed her and that’s why she is not here today.  After laughing, he explained how it was really done.

Wesley described her character’s (Tara) problems with insecurity and male issues.

Sam Trammell discussed why he puts up with his character’s dysfunctional family and how he really wants to care for his brother.

Denis O’Hare talked about how his character, Russell, was created and how he conceived back stories for the character.  He would constantly email Alan Ball with ideas for back stories on his character.  He wanted to create a vampire that had a different history with other vampires and werewolves.

Deborah Ann Woll said we have to wait and see if Jessica loves herself before continuing her relationship again with Hoyt.

Alan Ball began talking about the True Blood music video by Snoop Dogg that aired several weeks ago after episode 2 or 3.  I forget.

Nelsan Ellis said we have to wait and see what happens with his potential new love interest, Jesus.  He said we get to see the softer side of Lafayette, where he is falling for someone without a financial transaction.

Kristin Bauer could not answer whether or not Eric would pick her or Sookie.  She chose choice C, all of the above.

Charlaine Harris said she is anxiously waiting to see Sookie’s great grandfather on the show.  I did not read the books, so I’m not sure whom she is referring to.  “I Will Rise Up” is her favorite True Blood television episode.

Joe Maganiello talked about male nudity on the show as it pertains to him and he said we will like this weekend’s episode.  He talked about the three choices he was given when dealing with nudity on the show… a sock with a drawstring, a plastic back thong (very delicate) or a man panty (or manty).

Joe also said that there is a Facebook campaign going on right now petitioning for him to play Superman.  He said he would be happy to bring him back into fashion.

Alan Ball made reference to a character who doesn’t know who they are.  He said anyone who knows the books will know who he is talking about.  He would not divulge anymore details.  He said he hopes things will work out for Bill and Sookie.

Alan said there would be a brief break in Tara’s problems, but it will be short lived.

Alan also went on to say that he has combined books and would love for the show to last as long as possible.  Although he doesn’t want to be in a position one day where he has to explain why vampires are aging.  Hmm…

The over capacity Ballroom 20 crowd booed when Edward’s name from the Twilight films was brought up.  I love it!

Nelsan said he got his inspiration for his character of Lafayette through his sisters and mother.  He says he takes all their crazy antics and meshes them into Lafayette.

Last but not least, newcomer Joe has finalized a deal with Alan Ball to be a regular on the show.  Yea!

That’s all folks!  Enjoy the remainder of pictures below.  Until next year’s True Blood Comic-Con panel…


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