Comic-Con 2010: Marvel Studios’ Avengers

Although Gregg Senko kind of reported on all things Hall H yesterday, I have a slew of photos from every panel that I wanted to share with all our readers.  First up, is the surprise event of the night, maybe even a lifetime, depending upon who you are talking to.  As we were beginning to leave the press area and people were starting to file out after the encore presentation of the Thor trailer, Mr. Samuel L. Jackson unexpectedly took the Hall H stage and the place erupted in cheers and shouts.  But wait!  There’s more! Not only was there a teaser trailer for the upcoming Avengers flick, but the rumor mill was also silenced with an announcement that affected the Marvel movie universe.  But not before the cast of the Avengers were all brought on stage.  Yes I am talking about the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and even Mr. Robert Downey Jr.  Remember me talking about the crowd’s eruption before?  Wow!  The crowds screams and cheers were louder than any rock concert I have ever attended.  Alright, and then came the announcement… Mark Ruffalo was brought onto the stage and was announced as the next Hulk.  Despite the earlier panels, the crowd seemed pretty accepting of this news.  And last but not least, the man pioneering the whole Avengers project, Joss Whedon, was brought out to the main stage as he shared the night’s final bow with the ensemble cast of incredible action stars.  It made standing in the press pit for 7 hours well worth my time.  It was an unbelievable experience.  I hope you enjoy some of the shots below.


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5 Responses to “Comic-Con 2010: Marvel Studios’ Avengers”

  1. Sean Ferguson

    Great pictures! This, Cowboys and Aliens, and the Green Lantern panels were the ones I wanted to see the most. I’m glad you got good seats!

  2. Brian White

    Rest assured Sean…those pics are coming this week.Fayoll

  3. Bob Ignizio

    My only disappointment about this ‘Avengers’ news is that it looks like no Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne. I really would have liked to see another female character in the roster, especially. It’s kind of a sausage party right now.

  4. Brian White

    Maybe it will even out Bob? I’m sure we are in for more surprises. I was just happy to be part of everything that went down right before my very eyes in the press pit Saturday night.

  5. Brian White

    @ Sean… Cowboys and Aliens does look pretty interesting. Those pics, including some Harrison Ford shots, will be coming later on in the week. I promise. Plenty of updates to come on Tuesday this week. The whole staff is traveling back on Monday 🙁