Comic-Con 2011: Interview with CHILLERAMA’s Adam Green

Whenever I get the chance to talk to writer/director Adam Green, I jump at the opportunity to do so.  I drop everything I’m doing and I seize the moment.  Because for me, talking with Adam Green is more valuable than any education in film that you will ever receive.  All one has to do is watch the behind the scenes extras or listen to the commentaries on Hatchet, Hatchet 2 or Frozen to completely understand where I’m coming from.  Simply put, you will never find a nicer person in Hollywood who is willing to not only pay attention to you, but also give you priceless advice.  And I encourage you that whenever Adam speaks, you listen carefully and take precise notes because this man is a walking book of knowledge to all us aspiring filmmakers. Not only have I personally been touched by Adam’s kindness and generosity in my life over the past year, but also I witnessed it first hand this past Friday night at Comic-Con when after his panel with the legendary Llyod Kaufman, he answered every single question his army of adoring fans had to ask of him.  The panel ended promptly at 10 PM and I waited patiently as the man stood outside the panel’s room until well after 10:30 talking with everyone who approached him, at which time I took advantage of every last minute I had with him as we both walked out of the convention center.  Who in Hollywood does that?  Adam Green…that’s who!  And I am both proud and honored to know him!

So it’s with great pleasure that I present the below two-part audio interview (we thought we were out of time on the first one) I conducted with Adam Green this past Friday afternoon at Gas Lamp Cinemas in San Diego just hours before the premiere of his newest collaborative anthology feature, Chillerama.  As always Adam, if you are reading this, thank you so much for your kindness, generosity, hospitality and above all…your priceless advice.  I’m forever in your debt.

Comic-Con 2011: CHILLERAMA’s Adam Green Interview – Part 1 by Darkest Night Productions

Comic-Con 2011: CHILLERAMA’s Adam Green Interview – Part 2 by Darkest Night Productions

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the full review of Chillerama here.


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2 Responses to “Comic-Con 2011: Interview with CHILLERAMA’s Adam Green”

  1. Brian White

    Ha ha…I wonder how many times I can use the word commendable in one interview?


  2. Gregg

    Exceptional candid interview! What’s great about this is you don’t need to know who Adam Green is to get a clue from this interview. By the time part 2 concluded, we as listeners get a not just a good sense, but a great overview of his work, what it took to get where he’s at a little deeper look at who Adam Green is as a person. Brilliant!