Comic-Con 2011: Interview with CHILLERAMA’s Adam Rifkin & Tim Sullivan

In addition to my interview with Adam Green this past Friday at the Gas Lamp Cinemas in San Diego, I also got the chance to sit down and candidly speak with Chillerama directors Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan.  Never having met these two gents before, I was optimistic that our conversation would be both fruitful and exciting.  And thankfully, both results and more were yielded.  I know I say this constantly about Mr. Green, but these two gents, Rifkin and Sullivan, are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in Hollywood.  You know how when you meet someone for the first time you reserve judgment for a few minutes until you get to know them?  First impressions, whether it be body language or whatnot, are really important and can make or break the interview experience.  Well I kid you not, these two had me from hello. They were some of the kindest and most sincere people I have ever sat down with.  They were not only appreciative of my time, but also generous with their own.  I left that interview with the gloating feeling that there are now two new important people in my life whose careers I will watch ever so closely.  Heck, let’s be honest.  The whole gang of Chillerama was a blast to work and hang with last week.  Even though I did not formally get a chance to interview Joe Lynch, he was as nice and hospitable as could be during our two brief conversations/interactions over the weekend.  So now, when someone asks me what my dream job in life would be, I can simply say working with these four men.  I don’t think life could ever get better than that.  Seriously!

So with that all being said, I am pleased to share with you my 17-minute conversation with two of my newest favorites, Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan.  And if those names sound familiar to you, then they should.  They just so happened to be involved and responsible for a little cult favorite of mine, Detroit Rock City.  By the way, can we get this out on Blu-ray already?!  Click below to listen to the audio interview in its entirety.  Enjoy!

Comic-Con 2011: Interview with CHILLERAMA’s Adam Rifkin and Tim Sullivan by Darkest Night Productions

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