Comic-Con 2012: Psych Panel

After being crushed up against the stage (by photographers not fans) at the Twilight Panel I didn’t know if I could make it all the way to ballroom 20 for the Psych panel. Comic-Con thankfully has a Starbucks inside and it was very tempting to just sit down and relax with a black iced tea and a scone after the Twilight pandemonium. I ran, to the Psych panel (okay I walked really fast) and I made it just in time for the panel moderator and Psych cast member Timothy Ombudsman’s introduction. 


It was a packed out room and I looked out and saw a sea of green psych sunglasses that were given to the audience as a gift. After a recorded introduction by John Cena, the executive producer and primary cast entered the room and we were treated to a peak of next season. Many were sad to learn that Sean’s father get shot and may or may not survive. I personally was thrilled to see that we are in store for a Clue themed episode with cameos from the movie.

Timothy Ombudsman did an excellent job moderating and began by handing pineapple juice cans to the cast. He had collected questions for the cast for e cast and that turned out to be very interesting and revealing. We learned that Dule Hill has food issues and Kristen Nelson would most like to make out with Maggie Lawson. He also took questions from the audience and online. Dule and Sean sang some of their favorite made up songs like Boom from the Bottom and Were Outta here. Fans were excited to hear Steve Franks announce and sing a bit from an upcoming two hour musical episode.

The low point of the panel for me was the game they played with a few audience members called a “psych off”. The fans know insane details and were able to recall nicknames and episode titles with ease. I would have preferred to hear more from the cast during that time or at least had a fan challenge James Roday about episode details.

In the end, we were treated to a clip called 100 episodes in 200 seconds, which looked back on the entire show. My favorite revelation from the panel was that Timothy Ombudsman repeatedly tells cast mates he is about to “act the SH*T out of” his takes. I knew James Roday would be funny but I gained a new appreciation for Tim (now that we’ve shared a room I can call him that) Ombudsman. Unfortunately my phone was dead after snapping a thousand twilight photos so all I have to remember it is a few fuzzy shot of the big screen from h alf way back in the room…and a pair of green psych glasses.

Here’s the panel in case you missed it!


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