Comic-Con 2012: The Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Panel

It’s truly amazing how die hard the so-called twi-hard fans really are. They camped out for days for the final twilight comic con panel. I was lucky enough to get a spot in the press pit right next to the stage with some nice and some not so nice photographers and journalists. 


The Comic-Con guy and the panel moderator both began by expressing their condolences to the family of the young girl that was killed at comic con crossing the street to get to the twilight line. The main characters and the writer of the books came to the stage to the roar of over 6500 people cheering. The panel began with the first seven minutes of Breaking Dawn Part Two in 3D. Based on the beginning I think it’s going to be an interesting movie.

The panel moderator was not actually that interesting and most of the crowd question weren’t either. They asked simple question like what their favorite scenes were, what concert they would most like to see, and if they are sad it’s over. One interesting fan question was what would your characters from Breaking Dawn Part 2 tell your characters from Twilight and Robert Pattinson answered “to keep it in his pants.”. Taylor Lautner talked about one of his favorite scenes being where he tells Bella he imprinted. It will be neat to watch the movie and see what they were talking about. It was nice that the crowd was supportive of a young man who stated that Taylor Lautner had inspired him to lose weight and wanted to know what his workout routine consists of. Taylor started by telling the boy he looked good.

Kristen Stewart’s most interesting statement was also in response to a fan question, where she explained that she is glad they made her wait until the end to become a vampire rather than just giving it to her at the beginning. She stated she felt like a kid at Christmas when it finally happened and would not have appreciated the opportunity to play vampire Bella as much had it been given to her.

Overall the panel was hard to hear due to the crowd and the mumbling tendencies of the actors. I think the point was not to really gain insight but just to be in the presence of your favorite twilight actors. I didn’t know what to expect, as this was my first panel, but at my second panel (Psych) I learned how much fun a panel can really be. I did get the chance to touch Taylor Lautner and gained a new appreciation for the celebs that walk by you briskly and those like Taylor who took the time to shake hands with a few in the press pit (including mine!).

Here is the actual panel if you’d like to see it:


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    Does Sean know that you flirted with Taylor?