Comic-Con 2013: Holliston – Inside the Laughs, Screams, Metal, and Geekery!

Holliston TNThere’s absolutely no way I would ever miss seeing the man I look up to the most in the industry today, the hardest working man in Hollywood, creator/star Adam Green (Hatchet) of Fearnet’s Holliston TV series.  So much so that I actually made a special trip up to Sails Pavillion today at 11 AM to personally say hello before tonight’s Comic-Con 2013 panel in Room 24 ABC.  Cast members Laura Ortiz (Happy Endings) and Oderus Urungus (GWAR), director Sean Becker (The Guild) and fan-favorite moderator Alison Haislip (The Voice) were all in attendance tonight at the 8:30 PM panel.  Sadly, Dee Snyder could not make it due to a concert he was performing.  Boo!  But that’s okay!  It’s Holliston folks!  So much fun to be had despite the missing others!  In all honesty,with the exception of the sad goodbyes said to the cast of Dexter in Hall H tonight, Holliston was my favorite panel of the day at Thursday’s Comic-Con 2013.  Read all about it here!

The aforementioned panelists were on hand to discuss the inner workings of their hit television series (now in its second hilarious season) and explain the process of creating a sitcom specifically for horror, sci-fi, comic, and heavy metal fans.  The one hour panel also included exclusive clips and the world premiere of series character “Lance Rockett” (Dee Snider, Twisted Sister) and his band Dyver Down’s first original music video from the upcoming Season 2 finale.  This just might be the most I’ll laugh all weekend long here at Comic-Con.

So in no particular order, I put together a list of highlights and some fun facts you may or may not know that were discussed during the panel and included some of my favorite pictures below that yours truly personally snapped.  Enjoy it people!  I know I did.

  • Holliston is 13 years in the making!
  • There was tremendous pressure to live up to in season 2 and unlike season 1 where they had 4 months to rehearse, they only had 2 for season 2.
  • Adam Green wrote over 600 pages of material for season 2 during the day when he wasn’t filming Hatchet 3 at night.  Wow!  Talk about utilizing your time wisely, eh?
  • Holliston is the only original show on Fearnet.
  • Season 2 is 5x as bloody than season 1 and episode 9 is the bloodiest and most gory of them all.
  • Oderus sweats a lot and he has the hots for his wardrobe assistant.  It was her first time toweling off an extraterrestrial.  She’s traumatized for life now.  LOL.
  • The first place the show has been picked up internationally is in North Korea.  They love it there!
  • The autograph line for Holliston at this horror convention in Cincinnati, OH had a larger line that The Walking Dead.  1,000 people showed up for their panel and they signed autographs for over 8 hours.  Wow again!
  • Fearnet is not Nielsen rated so a good gauge of their success is demonstrated through the number of supporters that see them at the conventions and social media like Twitter, Facebook and even their high rankings on Get Glue.
  • I made mention of a music video above.  The song is called “Love it Down Your Throat.”  LOL.  Adam wrote it with Bear McCreary.  Cody Snyder, Dee’s son, directed it.  Actually the whole Snyder family is involved.  Dee’s wife even does his makeup on the show.  And oh yeah…we in the audience were shown the entire music video, which will one day also be available for download on iTunes.  Yes!!!
  • We were also treated to an exclusive season 2 blooper real and it was all pretty f#$king funny if I don’t say so myself.
  • Although there’s no word on season 3 yet, we know it’s all a matter of time.  The good news is for all of you that don’t have Fearnet, you can start enjoying it in a few weeks on iTunes.  Hell yeah!  For anything else you want to know about the show, check it out online here.  Good night Comic-Con!  Rock on Adam and Holliston!

Holliston 5

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