Commemorate Memorial Day With Two Wartime Classics From Olive Films

Home Of The Brave THUMBOlive Films releases two classic films that honor the military just in time for Memorial Day,Flying Tigers and Home of the Brave (1949), on Blu-ray™ and DVD May 13thFlying Tigers (1942) stars John Wayne in a story set just prior to the invasion of Pearl Harbor and contains some of the most nail-biting aerial combat sequences ever shot. Home of the Brave is a more hard-hitting personal story of an African American solider and the discrimination he faces during his service in WWII. Newly remastered in HD for the first time, these films have never looked better.

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Newly Remastered in HD and on Blu-ray for the First Time!

Flying Tigers follows a small and daring band of American mercenaries who soared into battle against Japan in defense of China’s freedom. The ‘Flying Tigers’ were heroic adventurers and America’s hottest ace pilots. Possessing unmatched skill and bravery, Capt. Jim Gordon, played by Wayne, was the Tigers’ leader and top gun. Gordon faces a battle on and off the ground when his good friend and ace pilot, Woody Jason (John CarrollHit Parade of 1943) is suspected of recklessly and selfishly endangering the lives of his fellow pilots. Gordon’s fight to retain his respect for Woody while maintaining the solidarity of his pilots is an explosive battle of courage and heroism that lights up the sky with action. Directed by the great and underrated David Miller (Lonely Are the BraveSudden Fear) with rousing score by Victor Young (My Favorite SpyThe Quiet Man), Flying Tigers is a memorable story of daring, and was nominated for three Academy Awards®.

Based on a play by Arthur Laurents (Rope), Home Of The Brave recounts the story of a young black soldier who has suffered a nervous breakdown and developed psychosomatic paralysis. Crippled by rage and trauma, his condition was induced by experiences encountered during a reconnaissance mission combined with a lifetime of racial discrimination. He may be able to walk again, but only if he can overcome his anger and frustrations. The film’s theme revolves around a diverse group of men subjected to the horror of war and their individual struggles.Home Of The Brave was one of Hollywood’s first bold statements regarding the issue of race and the realities of war. The cast includes Frank Lovejoy, Lloyd Bridges, Douglas Dick, James Edwards, Steve Brodie and Jeff Corey. Produced by Stanley Kramer (On the Beach) and directed by Mark Robson (Champion) with a screenplay by Carl Foreman (High Noon). The National Board of Review named the movie one of the 10 best of 1949. 

Flying Tigers Blu-ray

Street Date:                 May 13, 2014

Cat. #:                         OF776

UPC:                           887090077606

Run Time:                   102 Minutes

Rating:                        N/A

Format:                        1.37:1 (16×9)

Audio:                                 Mono

Home of the Brave Blu-ray

Street Date:                 May 13, 2014

Cat. #:                         OF772

UPC:                           87090077200

Run Time:                   86 Minutes

Rating:                        N/A

Format:                        1.37:1 (16×9)

Audio:                         Mono

Flying Tigers MEDHome Of The Brave MED


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