Craig Ferguson: Does This Need To Be Said? (DVD Review)

The feisty Late, Late Night host is bringing the laughs to your living room in this feature length comedy concert DVD that is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and plenty of other things. *snare* Craig Ferguson: Does This Need To Be Said is brisk in content running time, only a mere 65 minutes in length, but that’s more than enough time to get your laugh on. Craig Ferguson: Does This Need To Be Said is also NOT RATED, so you best believe the Scotsman will bring it all to the stage.   Let’s keep it going. 






Late, Late Show host Craig Ferguson has returned to the stage for a no hold performance in Nashville, so you know you’re in for a treat. Ferguson will muse about how the general public thinks that he stole his act from Michael Myers, you know, Canadian Michael Myers. Go figure. Does This Need To Be Said features a lot of bits of deprecation, but because it’s Ferguson, it’s funny when he talks about himself in a negative light, because thirty seconds later he will come at you with a hysterical rant of some kind.  His Shrek impersonation had me chuckling like a moron five minutes after the fact.

Other funny bits of comedy include a few hilarious impersonations of people like Larry King which is just relegated to grunts. If you’re just used to him on the television then Does This Need To Be Said will be the perfect way to get to know Craig beyond the safe confines of the late night talk show circuit. This performance DVD is uncensored, so be aware that he will be using tons of profanity, and some of the jokes will be of bad taste. I had a great time with the show, and he even bookended the act with a musical number that has to be seen to be believed.

I look forward to more of Craig Fegruson’s future comedic endeavors on DVD and hopefully Blu-ray!

Special Features

Unfortunately the pickings are slim on Does This Need To Be Said. There are only two extremely short featurettes where you have the people of Nashville welcoming him to the city. One featurette was about a minute and a half and the other one was about thirty seconds.


  • Craig Arrives In Nashville
  • Fan Rap

Final Thoughts

I would normally crush a release that has such weak special features, but because Craig Ferguson rocks, I will let it slide and just award a final thought score five anyway. Does Need To Be Said is a wickedly cool romp filled with many laughs and I do recommend people check out what Craig Ferguson has to offer – he’s freakin’ funny!


Craig Ferguson – Sex Talk
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