Dan Grueter – Chasing My Tail

Dan GrueterIt’s been a while since I’ve seen a comedy show and I always walk into these standup gigs with a bit of apprehension.  I’ve seen the likes of Tracy Morgan live and in person and when someone with a big name like that disappoints, you get a little skeptical with those performers that you are not so familiar with.  This past weekend I had the chance to catch the up and coming Dan Grueter at the Hilarities Comedy Club in Cleveland, Ohio.

Formerly a Clevelander himself, Grueter now resides in sunny Los Angeles with his wife and kids.  So how is this traveling dad in his act?  The OSU grad carries a lightning-quick wit with an air of cynicism and makes it a point to bring occasional crowd involvement to the forefront.  Just a word to the wise before I continue, folks…when you are going to a comedy club with friends, don’t be the last one to arrive.  Why?  Because your seat will be chosen for you by those you confide in.  I got placed front and center, courtesy of Blu-ray Brian and crew, and Grueter must have seen the bullseye on my forehead.

By the time the show was over, I think the audience knew me better than my next door neighbor, but did I mind?  Of course not!  I buckled up for the comical barrage and went along for the ride.  Make no mistake though, this man’s act can stand on its own without the well-timed verbal dig on his listeners.  Grueter speaks from experience and experiences does he have coming from a large family, a veterinarian father, and hand-me-downs two decades too late.  If you can’t find the humor in this buckeye’s work, check your pulse.  Teary-eyed attendees were found throughout the room as we tried to catch our breath from the barrage of laughter of Grueter-induced laughter.

The comic’s accomplishments are growing with an NBC pilot in the works titled Be Careful What You Wish For.  His comedic journeys have also landed him appearances on CBS, the Gameshow Network and BET.  Stop by Dan’s site, check out his tour dates to see when he will be in your area, and please do yourself a favor.  Buy the man’s CD.  It has some great material from a few different shows so you can enjoy his work at home or in the car. 


Visit http://www.dangrueter.com today!


Dan Grueter




2 Responses to “Dan Grueter – Chasing My Tail”

  1. Brian White

    I go to these type of shows on a quarterly basis every year and Dan was by far the funniest comedian I have ever seen there. He had me laughing so hard that I was afraid to take a sip of my drink. Of course, it may of also had something to do with those North Ridgeville jokes and the swivel knee remarks. Hysterical!

  2. Sandy

    cute AND funny? i think i’m in love….