Jimmy Shubert is Alive & Kickin’ @ Hilarities!

Jimmy ShubertComics come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, attitudes, styles.  Jim Shubert is a big guy with a very physical and sometimes playfully disgruntled act, who recently performed for an audience I was more than glad to be a part of.  Shubert is a seasoned veteran of his trade and he has been around the block more than once.  The Irish-American comedian/actor has a resumé a mile long with appearances in films such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Italian Job and Coyote Ugly.  His list of television works include roles in The King of Queens, ER, Monk, Angel, and the hilarious cop comedy, Reno 911.

Usually, such accomplished performers are out of reach, but Shubert is up front, personal and accessible in his stand-up comedy that he takes on the road.  The man has the energy of a 10-year old as he bounces around the stage, fist-shaking, foot-stomping and occasionally straining his vocal chords as he drives home his point.  Hate flying?  So does Jimmy Shubert and believe me, you’ll get to hear all about his humorous though not-so-far-from-the-truth views on things like the TSA, drunken stupors, and chicken omelets.  Hey, I know it doesn’t make sense here, but go see this guy’s act and you’ll know what I’m talking about.  I’ve got a keyboard and two good hands.  I just write the articles.  Shubert has a stage and a microphone.  He tells the jokes better than I do and has a knack for cracking himself up almost as much as he does the audience.  He is described as a “modern-day Archie Bunker” and I couldn’t think of a more accurate label.

While in town, the comedian was also promoting his CD/DVD combo, Alive & Kickin’.  Both discs brilliantly capture the star in action, though I do have to give the nod to the DVD for its multiple features.  Included in the disc is the main 79-minute stand-up performance, a half hour video diary of his time in Afghanistan entertaining the troops with four other comics (a must-see!), one of which included the likes of Drew Carey, and a director’s commentary that includes the thoughts and insight of both Shubert and executive producer Claude Shires.

Ah, how could I forget?  There is also the incredibly unique outdoor show.  Some years back, Shubert had been performing in the exact seem venue where I saw him earlier this week.  Captured on video, fire alarms interrupted his act and being the savvy impromptu performer that he is, Shubert made it a point to give the audience the show they came to see…outside…by the fire trucks…and the news crews.  If MacGyver were a comedian, this is what he would have done!

Check out Jimmy Shubert’s work today with his satisfyingly funny Alive & Kickin’ CD/DVD and be sure to give the lad a look-see when he’s in your neck of the woods.  His stand-up is great stuff and does not disappoint.  For more information on Jimmy Shubert, please visit his website at http://www.jimmyshubert.com/ where you can view upcoming tour dates and purchase Alive & Kickin’, which Punchline Magazine rated as one of the ten best comedy DVD’s of 2009.

Cheers, Jimmy!







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  1. Scott T. Morrison

    I was at the show and could not agree more. It was a fun evening with friends. His bits were great. He is full of energy and knows how to deliver. I loved the bit on the twins!

    The DVD sounds like one I gotta get.