Dances With Films Festival 2018 – ‘What To See’

Hiding excitement is near impossible as June in the Los Angeles area means only one thing for an eager film fan seeking savory movie solace – time for the illustrious and movie gem ridden Dances With Films Festival 2018!  (Taking place June 7-17 at the Chinese 6 Theaters at Hollywood and Highland – go to www.danceswithfilms.com for more details!)  And with this year’s DWF Fest being the 21st Annual edition and proudly touted as being ‘bigger, badder and bolder’ our coverage is gonna reflect the whole cinematic supersizing as well.  Not only will films be reviewed, dissected and extra examined by WhySoBlu film guy Jason Coleman, but his proud pop, yes the man who taught him the ways of finding damn fine flicks, his father Michael Coleman will be joining in to provide some much needed father/son tag-team coverage of his own.

So in what has become a traditional here at WhySoBlu up first is the sneak peek article – the chance to predict and shout out what looks good merely at first glance.  So below, in various respective film categories, are both father and son Michael and Jason’s initial thoughts and choices via their own DWF’s 2018 crop of…“What To See!”


Narrative Features


Jason’s Picks

“Murder Made Easy” – Nothing says killer party like a little murder, but when the hosts are the uber-talented Jessica Graham and Christopher Soren Kelly the duo behind the previously savory DWF short Monkeys and the upcoming sci-fi flick The Tangle (must see soon!) a dinner to die for is guaranteed.

“Diminuendo” – Some may be taken in by the fact that the leading man in this sci-fi drama is none other than original Battlestar Galactica’s Captain Apollo himself Richard Hatch, but for my money the idea of becoming obsessed with a robot version of a former flame who committed suicide could put this in high-tech Vertigo territory.

“Chasing Bullitt” – I’m a sucker for anything Steve McQueen related, but add both life events and McQueen’s obsession with getting back the legendary Mustang GT 390 from his film Bullitt and this flick featuring Andre Brooks as the legendary lothario could bring back the man, the myth and the muscle car.

“Till Death” – Sometimes simple is the most satisfying – ‘Blind woman seeks revenge on her philandering lover.’  You had me at revenge.

“Miss Arizona” – A bored housewife in a loveless marriage hitting LA with four other spirited gals for an all night adventure could fulfill the female empowerment film factor nicely.

“Nathan’s Kingdom” – With last year’s Brigsby Bear totally knocking all cinematic socks off, this tall tale of a 25-year-old autistic man and his teenage opiate addicted sister battling wars, monsters and ghouls could again mix a somber subject with sweetness.

“Meant to Be Broken” – I adore stories about people who have nothing to lose and this one about a dull rules-based dude who finds out he has mere weeks to live and decides to go crazy screams wild abandon.

“Deany Bean Is Dead” – Killing your boss is hard, but burying him in your ex’s back yard while they’re hosting a dinner engagement party is harder.  Eager to see both.

“In This Gray Place” – The barren single setting of a dirty rest stop bathroom in this daring little ditty where a robber, surrounded by police, must figure a way out could prove to be a cinematically savvy Phone Booth for the art house crowd.


Michael’s Picks

“An American In Texas” – Any film that features a band called ‘Surgeon General’s Warning” is a must see.

“Till Death” – Revenge is best served blind – a nifty combo for the Don’t Breathe set.

“Save Yourself” – Apparently the only rom-com in the bunch that touts honesty – gotta have at least one guilty pleasure flick on my list.

“Bully” – Could be a heart-warming Karate Kid for this decade with Ron Canada as the boxing Mr. Miyagi.

“Murder Made Easy” – Seemingly a cross between Murder On The Orient Express and Clue, this would be my ‘Whodunnit?’ choice.

“Doubting Thomas” – Eager to see what looks like a dramatic thriller that could be a thought provoking Get Out offspring.

“Concrete Kids” – Two nine-year old boys cross the city at night on skateboards experiencing all LA has to offer – think Big Shots for the next generation.



Jason’s Picks

“At The Drive-In” – In an ultimate David & Goliath fight of 35mm vs. digital projection, will a picture proud drive-in survive the big screen battle to stay afloat?  (I hope so!)

“Cowboy And Preacher” – An evangelical preacher touting the need to protect the environment to other Christian conservative naysayers – let’s hope the movie message gets sent.


Michael’s Picks

“At the Drive-In” – This nostalgic trip to movie past could help me relive why I go to the movies – vroom, vroom.

“Between The Shades” – Sharing powerful stories from real people with a connection to the LGBTQI community could prove to be a powerful and healing watch.

“Father’s Kingdom” – Who is God anyway?  The answer could be here.

“Psychonautics: A Comic’s Exploration Of Psychedelics” – A doc that dares to delve into the deep understanding of psychedelics – I wonder how many people will see this one stoned?


Midnight Series


Jason’s Picks

“End Trip” – Not sure exactly what to expect from this one, but the tale of an Uber-type driver who picks up a fare with some frightful results has my engines roaring.


Midnight Shorts


Jason’s Picks

“Granny” – One look at that the sinful pic of an old lady sporting a trusty axe leads me to believe that the milk and cookies aren’t gonna soothe this boo-boo.

“Instinct” – With an alluring pic and described as a psychosexual thriller both written and directed by women, I’m eager to see what kind of frightful film fun said females come up with.

“Silence” – I love tales of unstable people who slip off the deep end and lose it D-Fens style – Silence could be Falling Down for the genre crowd.


Michael’s Picks

“Granny” – Listen to your Nana or get the axe – can’t miss this one.

“F@cking Drama” – A young couple meet an evil clown – Captain Spaulding redux?

“Feast of the Young” – Fairies hungry for people meat – no accounting for tastes.

“Rotting Love” – Just what a troubled relationship needs – the undead.

“Deep Dish Apocalypse” – Zombies, zombies and more zombies.

“Midnight Delivery” – Haven’t see a good evil delivery outing since the Zuni Fetish Warrior was delivered to Karen Black in Trilogy of Terror – high hopes.


Doc Shorts


Jason’s Picks

“I Am Famous” – Anything Back To The Future related I’m in on, but hearing about the dark trials and tribulations of baddie Biff aka Thomas F. Wilson involving venomous fans could add another askew line to the already busy space time continuum.

“Shirts!” – Following a man who prides himself on finding and collecting unusual material for custom-made shirts sounds like a film two-fold – neat and nutty.


Michael’s Picks

“Bazaar Taxi” – A backseat ride in one of Thailand’s most bizarre Taxi’s – all from the comfort of a theater chair.

“I Am Famous” – All hail Biff!


Fusions Shorts


Michael’s Picks

“American Oxycution” – The really serious subject of Oxycodone addiction deserves any and all film attention.

“This World Of Ghosts” – Love a good ghost story – saving the love of your life is an added bonus.

“The Black Ghiandola” – This Make A Film Foundation short involving everyone from Twilight’s Catherine Hardwicke to Evil Dead helmer Sam Raimi and featuring a killer cast of many (David Lynch and Johnny Depp, y’all!) is a must see.




Jason’s Picks

“Inspirational Therapy” – Having unspooled the cool caustic comedy short that firmly carried the Denis Leary seal of approval called Herbie at last year’s DWF Fest, helmer Ralph Bismargi then turned his funny work into a series – binge watching is definitely in order.



But make up your own minds LA film fans by heading on over to the Chinese 6 Theaters at Hollywood and Highland between June 7-17 for the Dances With Films Festival 2018 and support great Indie cinema.  (You could find the next five-star flick!)  Our coverage of this year’s works will continue – stay tuned!


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