Ewan McGregor is The Ghost Writer

The Ghost WriterI always shut out my mind from real life controversy with actors and filmmakers, and Roman Polanski is no exception.  I went with friends to the only theater in all of Ohio showing The Ghost Writer because of my great love of film, and appreciation for not only the talents of Polanski but Ewan McGregor and Pierce Brosnan as well.  What I saw was not what I expected.



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5 Responses to “Ewan McGregor is The Ghost Writer”

  1. Brian White

    Unless you had a bad experience there before I would not necessarily call Cedar Lee the ghetto. However, I never go there. I think I would rather wait until the movie comes out on Blu-ray than see a film there.

    With that being said this is a film I was interested in seeing although after watching your review I have that same feeling like you did…betrayed by the trailer. It reminds me of Book of Eli and Edge of Darkness and I just want to stay far away.

    However, despite Romi’s controversies as of recent I am still a fan of his films so I will give this one a watch on Blu-ray one day soon I speculate.

    Thanks Chris!

  2. Chris Stuckmann

    I am getting more response about my ghetto comment than anything in my whole review. People like freaked out on me, when I was clearly just joking. People can be so annoying.

  3. Gerard

    I’ll rent this.

  4. Brian White

    I know Chris. I read your You Tube page comments before. I thought it was funny, but I apologize about the ghetto crack if I am only adding salt to the wound. I think this one should AT LEAST be playing at Cinemark Valley View.

  5. Chris Stuckmann

    Oh it’s fine I just have to deal with people who can be really uptight and are ready to jump on anything just to cause trouble.