Fame! Brian’s Going To Live Forever!

FameShould I be concerned or seriously ponder anymore why Fame was one of the best movies I have seen theatrically in the past month?  I’m not really sure how I feel about this.  It sits a little uneasy with me.  I go to this movie I had little to no interest in, especially considering the subject matter, and I come out a believer.  I’ll expand on that in a little bit, but for now let’s talk more Fame! 


 Like everything else in Hollywood nowadays, I suppose it was only a matter of time before the 1980 hit film Fame got remade.  Like its predecessor, the film features a group of students attending the New York City High School for the Performing Arts.  The school was created to provide the diverse training and infusion of skills needed in students aspiring to obtain professional careers in dance, music or drama.  As you can imagine, the competition is quite fierce among these students.  The film follows the trials and tribulations of the students’ lives throughout each four years of high school.  After all, not only are the students competing for a chance at achieving fame, but also they are still just your ordinary everyday teenagers who are experiencing the highs and lows that go along with life as a high school student.  You remember what that was like.  Now could you imagine throwing in the stress of trying to make it as a professional while just managing to keep your chin above water in high school?  I could not.  


 The original 1980’s version went on to become an international sensation spawning not only a hit television show, but also a stage production of the same name that is still playing now.  How’s that for legacy?  Not bad at all!  While today’s Fame will likely not achieve that same level of success its predecessor did, that does not stop the talented cast from trying.  The MGM production features performances by Kristy Flores, Asher Book, Paul Iacono, Paul McGill, Naturi Naughton, Megan Mullally, Anna Marie Perez de Tagle and more.  We are even treated to seeing TV sitcom star Kelsey Grammer on the big screen as well as Charles S. Dutton, affectionately known as Rock, from his television show of the same name.


Whether you’re an actor, a musician, a dancer, a filmmaker or a participant in any other performing arts area Fame has a little something to offer you.  Fame does not discriminate against any area within the performing arts category.  If you are artistic on any level, then this is the must-see feel good movie of the year for you.  The performances brought back some vivid memories of nostalgia within my sometimes-cold rigid self.  The film really inspired me to go out in life and get everything I want out of it, but most importantly to believe in myself and shun all the non-believers that seem to engulf me at times.  I undoubtedly felt the cast delivered a triumphant and rousing performance in capturing not only the energy required for a film like this, but also the inspiration that was essential to capturing the essence of the message the film conveyed.


For all the reasons listed above and for many more I enthusiastically give a two thumbs up green light salute to anyone who has even an inkling of interest in seeing the newest Hollywood reincarnation of Fame.  I really cannot foresee anyone walking out of the theater disappointed, but instead much the opposite.  I see you sprinting out joyous, inspired and ready to take on the world in everything you do.  Even the guy crowd, much in the same predicament as myself, who get dragged to this film with their girlfriends may end up feeling a little something, unless I am just more in touch with my emotional side these days.  Oh well, whatever.  The moral of this fable is that I thoroughly enjoyed Fame.  It started off a little slow, but the story quickly developed and reeled you in.  Although the film is not my proverbial cup of tea, I applaud it for its riveting performances, comedic elements and its inspirational value.  Now if you will excuse me.  I have to get back to working on figuring out a way to live forever. (Grade: B)

 Fame opens nationwide on Friday, September 25th.

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