SDCC 2015: FEAR the Walking Dead

SDCC 2015FEAR the Walking Dead followed The Walking Dead panel, naturally, and proved to be quite interesting at that. Chris Hardwick blesses us again as the moderator of this panel. This is an interesting one in comparison to the other’s in Hall H because we are meeting the cast of FEAR the Walking Dead for the first time.


The cast was very informative considering they have little information to work with. They’ve only filmed one episode thus far, according to the panel, and have supplied as much as they can about their character’s. The discussion revolved around the theory of surviving the zombie apocalypse, limited character knowledge and the setting for the show. Having it set in L.A. was a deliberate choice as it serves as a juxtaposition for the Walking Dead the original series, which starts in a rural completely decimated world. With FEAR the Walking Dead the audience will be able to see the destruction that happens in the three to four weeks previous. This time line of three to four weeks was given by the panel and was coupled with a joke about this show being the chance to finally talk about the world’s transformation that was conveniently flowed over in The Walking Dead by Rick’s coma.


This is a solid premise and a superb chance to explore the darker or lighter sides of the human emotion as well as the potential for destructive or altruistic tendencies. As we know, media tends to be a bit sensationalized, such much so, that for the most part we are aware to always have on critical thinking caps on and ready to go. It’s a social commentary, we are always sure that epidemics or pandemics like SARS or Ebola will be fixed. Fixed by who? what? how? This show takes the worst case scenario and brings it to life. To be honest, if we’re thinking critically, why couldn’t this happen? As a first world country it’s easier to quarantine here but not third world countries. The world as a collective doesn’t have their shit together. This is serious talk, but the panel was passionate about the potential for destruction and spoke on those topics exactly. They didn’t have much else to talk about so it makes sense but it served for some good conversation. Serious, but good.

Greg Nicotero, Gale Anne Hurd and Dave Erickson present to you FEAR the Walking Dead which premieres August 23rd. The cast includes: Ruben Blades, Cliff Curtis, Alycis Debnam-Carey, Kim Dickens, Frank Dillane, Lorenzo James Henrie, Elizabeth Rodriguez etc.


This panel had a serious tone and that’s okay. Star Wars is in the future so emotional capacity has to top off somewhere. Hardwick brought up an exciting point, being that we as an audience get to see this cast before potential extreme stardom. The birth is here and being here at the beginning is a special special thing. Additionally, the trailer was a treat showing plentiful fire and destruction quite quickly. The happy family unit blew up (metaphorically) quickly. Bring it on!


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