Finally! Troll 2 is Coming to Blu-ray!

Well, not really in reference to the emphatic use of the word “finally” above, but the movie heralded by some as the “best worst movie” ever will be making its Blu-ray debut this fall.  Are you not excited?  C’mon!  Show some love for the classic MGM title.  In celebration of Vegetarian Awareness Month, be prepared to be devoured by Troll 2 coming to the Blu-ray format on October 5th.  Do you know how highly anticipated this title is?  Check out the full press release below for all the details from MGM Home Entertainment.

“Oooooooh my gaaaaaaaawd…”  Troll 2 is arriving on Blu-ray for the first time on October 5th from MGM Home Entertainment. Grab the popcorn, lock the doors, and prepare to be gobbled up by the film that inspired the hit documentary Best Worst Movie.

Joshua Waits has been warned by his grandfather’s ghost that his family is about to embark on a dangerous vacation to the town of Nilbog.  Although he tries to stop them, Joshua fails to make his parents see that there is something suspicious about the town.  The residents are extremely friendly, but are constantly trying to feed the Waits with strange, green delicacies.  Joshua soon realizes that the town of Nilbog is actually “goblin” spelled backwards, and that his family has been lured into a trap.  With the help of Grandpa Seth, Joshua must save his family from being turned into vegetables and devoured by the vegetarian goblins!

Troll 2 Blu-ray Combo, including both a Blu-ray and DVD disc in BD Amaray.

Troll 2 Blu-ray Combo Pack:

Street Date:                                       October 5, 2010

Screen Format:                                Widescreen

Audio:                                                  English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio

Subtitles                                             English, French and Spanish

U.S. Rating:                                       PG 13

Total Run Time:                               97 minutes

Closed Captioned:                          Yes


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18 Responses to “Finally! Troll 2 is Coming to Blu-ray!”

  1. Gregg

    No words can describe what I’m thinking!

  2. Aaron Neuwirth

    On one hand, it’s great to see that I’ll have access to the crisp detail of the popcorn scene via an amazing blu-ray, though on the other, I’d have to watch this movie again.

    I’m just glad that it’s a Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack, I’d hate to be stuck at a place that didn’t have a Blu-Ray player, only to be a fish out of water, carrying around my copy of Troll 2, with no way to play it.

  3. Sean Ferguson

    It’s shameful that movies like this are getting the blu-ray treatment when there are thousands of quality catalog titles that are languishing away in a vault. That this movie beat The Sea Hawk to blu-ray is a travesty!

  4. Aaron Neuwirth

    And there’s the one time that The Sea Hawk and Troll 2 will ever appear in the same conversation…

  5. Sean Ferguson

    I like to keep everyone on their toes! 🙂

  6. Brian White

    Ha ha! These comments are hilarious!

    I never even heard of THE SEA HAWK?

    @Gregg – Pre-order, right?

  7. Sean Ferguson

    Brian it’s a classic Errol Flynn pirate movie! You should see that and Captain Blood (which should also be on blu-ray and isn’t)if you haven’t already. Stupid movies like this getting the high def treatment gets me riled up. This movie barely deserves to be relegated to VHS!

  8. Brian White

    I gotcha Sean. It amazes me how these movies get hi-def release dates when there are still a few classics out there that have not even seen a DVD treatment yet. The cover art (faces) just makes me want to stay SOOOO far away from this film, it practically screams out…”Run Luke!”

  9. Brian White

    Who wants me to try for a review copy of Troll 2 for them? Any Takers?

    Did you want to cancel your pre-order Gregg? I amy be able to secure one for you for review 🙂

  10. Aaron Neuwirth

    I don’t think I have it in me to watch that movie twice in one year, let alone a decade.

    I’m still waiting to see Best Worst Movie, the documentary.

  11. Sean Ferguson

    I’ll write a review so I can give it all the respect it deserves and then sell it…if I can resist jumping up and down on it first!

  12. Wayne Watrach

    It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

  13. Brian White

    Whoa! It sounds like we have a Troll fan here 🙂

  14. Gerard Iribe

    I have a question.

    Where’s Troll number one? I gotta know how the story starts, right?

  15. Aaron Neuwirth

    Just in case that’s not a joke: Troll 2 has nothing to do with the original Troll. In fact, there are no actual trolls in Troll 2.

    The original Troll is also terrible, not as terrible, but terrible none the less, but does feature Julia Louis Dreyfus in her first feature.

    Kinda like the way Hot Fuzz references Bad Boys 2. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve seen Bad Boys, even though it’s awesome and better. (kind of a week reference, but I wanted to make it)

  16. Gerard Iribe

    I hated Bad Boys 2.

  17. Gregg

    Pre-order?? Only if I need a decorative drink coaster.

  18. Brian White

    @ Gregg – Someone say pre-order? No problem. Here’s your link Gregg: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ZD9E24?tag=wsb-20&camp=213381&creative=390973&linkCode=as4&creativeASIN=B003ZD9E24&adid=0CMTMB9ZTPXG0DB4ZFXY&

    Ironically, I was checking website stats and this Troll 2 posting has become quite the popular story on the web here. Thanks to everyone for checking it out!

    @ Sean… You got it! I will try for a Blu-ray screener for you!