FISTS OF LEGEND To Knock Out The Competition This February!

Fists-Of-LegendI’m not an MMA fan, but from time to time I do dig dabbling into some old school grindhouse Kung Fu action movies.  Fists Of Legend also interests me as it comes from South Korea, the country making some of cinemas finest, most daring and original movies over the last 10 years.  This one kind of sounds like their answer to the American film Warrior from not too far back.  The film boasts that its a directorial effort from the action director of GI Joe: Retaliation, which is cool.  I thought that movie was ok, and it had a really awesome sequence with ninjas sword fighting on the side of a very high cliff jumping from rope to rope.  Seriously, if you didn’t think that part was awesome, I dunno what to tell you.  Anywho, this action/drama drops in February.  So, i’m looking forward to some intense punching and kicking that grips me emotionally I suppose.  Haha, ok, well, here’s the dirty details from the distributor about the film below.  I don’t have a preorder link yet, so check back for one.

“… an epic swirl of masculine psychodrama …” – Robert Abele, LOS ANGELES TIMES

“… almost too much entertainment for one movie.” – Justin Chang, VARIETY

“… filled with some truly, brutal, yet fantastic fight scenes …” – Cinenerd, BLOGCRITICS.COM

The Greatest Fight Show on Earth



Kang Woo-suk’s Thrilling Bare-Knuckle Actioner

Debuts on Blu-ray and DVD February 18th        


All-Star Cast Includes Hwang Jung-min, Yu Jun-sang and Yun Jea-moon


Bonus Materials Include a “Making-of” Featurette,

Premiere Coverage, Poster Photo Shoot and More

LOS ANGELES, CALIF.  (December 9, 2013) – Legendary Korean blockbuster director Kang Woo-suk (Two Cops, Hanbando, Silmido) delivers his take on the cultural phenomenon of mixed martial arts in the action-packed drama FISTS OF LEGEND, debuting on Blu-ray and DVD February 18th from CJ Entertainment. Starring Hwang Jung-min (New World, The Unjust), Yu Jun-sang (My Husband Got a Family) and Yun Jea-moon (Jeonryung, Commitment), FISTS OF LEGEND also features highly raw and stylized fighting sequences choreographed by action director Jung Doo-hong (action coordinator for G.I. Joe: Retaliation and The Berlin File). In addition, the film comes with two language tracks, the original Korean (with English subtitles) and an all-new English language dub.

FISTS OF LEGEND is a mixed martial arts reality TV show that recruits forgotten street fighting legends to a bloody battle against each other. Deok-kyu, Sang-hoon and Jae-suk were blockheaded high school friends who mainly used their fists to get what they wanted. An unfortunate incident tears their friendship apart and causes them to go their separate ways. Their lives collide once again after 25 years when the producers of FISTS OF LEGEND invite them to the biggest fight of their lifetime and a chance to win a $200,000 prize. The gruesome fighting competition unexpectedly forces the three men to reconcile their broken friendship from the past and encounter true victory. Be prepared to journey through the action-packed and unforgettable story of friendship in FISTS OF LEGEND. The film has a running time of 155 minutes with more than 40 minutes of bonus materials that include a “making of” featurette, footage of the world premiere, behind-the-scenes at the poster photo shoot and more.

The ultra-popular sport of mixed martial arts take a new twist in FISTS OF LEGEND, the story of three legendary street fighting high school friends and rivals who reunite 25 years later for the biggest fight of their lives. On a television show billed as “the greatest fight show on Earth,” eager amateurs with lots to prove boldly step into the ring and expect to leave bloody but victorious. The gruesome fighting competition unexpectedly forces the three men to reconcile their broken friendship from the past and encounter true victory. FISTS OF LEGEND delivers an action-packed and unforgettable story of friendship and bloodlust.



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