G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes

IDW's G.I. Joe: Snake EyesArguably, the most popular G.I. Joe character is Snake Eyes.  I fall into the majority here as he is certainly my favorite Joe.  Why do so many G.I. Joe fans flock to this one soldier?  Maybe it’s the intrigue of his silence along with his mysterious past.  Maybe it’s because he wears all black.  Maybe it’s just because the dude is one kick-@$$ ninja who knocks down whatever gets in his way.  Whatever your preference, the katana-wielding commando now has his own limited monthly series from IDW. 

Officially titled G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes, we start the story to find Snake Eyes getting briefed on a precarious sequence of events unfolding in Japan.  A spree of hit-and-run-style killings have been taking place around the area where the Arishakage Clan trains…Snake’s old stomping grounds.  As the authorities obtain more security video footage with each murder, it becomes apparent, that the killer not only wants people to see him, but to see that the killer is Snake Eyes!  The killer dresses like Snake Eyes, moves like Snake Eyes and even uses the same Arishakage-marked sword as Snake Eyes, but there’s one problem.  It’s not Snake Eyes.  Our hero eventually gets dispatched to the Land of the Rising Sun to investigate who’s trying to frame him.  

One very unique note about this series is that’s it’s actually co-written by Ray Park, the actor that portrayed him in this summer’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra film.  Joining Park at the writing helm is Kevin Van Hook while the soft, rounded artwork is provided by Lee Ferguson and Marc Deering.  You’ll also find two covers available per issue.  Cover-A features a drawn-and-colored flavor while cover-B provides fans with a shot of Snake Eyes from the film.  Issue 1 debuted October 21st this year, issue 2 is right around the corner with a projected release date of November 11th.  Sheath your shuriken and grab your copy soon!


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IDW's G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes IDW's G.I. Joe: Snake Eyes



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  1. Brian White

    Awesome! Sounds like it could be a great read! I am excited to read that Ray Park has a part in all of this. So when is the Baroness comic coming out?