Gerard’s Top 10 Blu-rays of 2010

Another year has come and almost gone, leaving in its wake, many Blu-rays littered about.  Some good, some not so good.  In what will be an ongoing tradition, WhySoBlu has asked for my thoughts on the best Blu-rays of the year.  The following article is MY personal top ten favorite Blu-rays of 2010 for your viewing and reading pleasure.  Please keep in mind that I have not seen or reviewed every blu-ray that has come out this year, so if you don’t see a film that you think is great that I may have missed, don’t be upset. I probably haven’t seen the Blu-ray or the post office lost my package.  Here is my list.

10. The Expendables – Considering that this initial release is just for the general audience who really “needs it” (Stallone is currently working on a director’s cut), The Expendables is a drop kick to the senses.  The Blu-ray has amazing reference sound, near reference video, and a 90-minute documentary on the making of the whole bloody thing.  Stallone knows what the film geeks want and he dishes this release with a nice helping of special features.

9. Carlos (aka Carlos the Jackal) – Carlos The Jackal is a UK import of the French film of the same name.  Edgar Ramirez stars as the famed assassin-terrorist-mastermind of some of the most daring crimes ever carried out in history.  Shot all over the world and in multiple languages, Carlos The Jackal is a great film which shows the inner workings of a master criminal and what makes him tick.  The blu-ray is presented in a 3 disc blu-ray set which contains the theatrical cut that ran for about 2hrs 30min, and the special “mini-series” version that clocked in at almost five hours.  If you have a region free blu-ray player you owe it to yourself to track down Carlos The Jackal.

8. Che – Criterion Collection, be thy name!  The Criterion Collection never ceases to amaze me.  They put out all the stops when they dedicate themselves to film art.  Che is one story made into two films.  In addition to the great storytelling, acting, production, etc., Criterion Collection has blessed us with so many special features on this Blu-ray set that I would need a separate page to list them all!  They even have a documentary on the RED camera which was used to shoot Che. I’m stuffed. *burps*

7. The Thin Red Line – War is not beautiful, but this blu-ray certainly is!  Again, Criterion Collection have blessed us with this reference disc of Terrence Malick’s war vision.  If film were food then The Thin Red Line would be a seven course meal. You will have your knife and fork in hand ready to devour this Blu-ray presentation.  Bon Appettit!

6. Inception – What’s left to say about this masterpiece in film and film making?  Not much, but this blu-ray hits all the right spots.  The supplemental features a-plenty, and the picture and sound quality are amazing! Depending what territory you purchased it from, certain editions come in mini briefcases with their very own totem.  I approve.

5. Avatar (Collector’s Edition) – Some may be shocked as to why this isn’t number one.  Well, that’s because there are tons of films that came out on blu-ray this year and it was pretty hard to narrow it down.  Avatar has been covered to death, so I decided to bump it down.  This does not mean the Blu-ray sucks, because it certainly does not suck.  Avatar (Collector’s Edition) is what Blu-ray is all about.

4. Apocalypse Now – It gets extremely cliched when you hear about people saying what certain films meant to them, because most of the time they say the same exact thing.  I dare you or anyone out there to have the same experience when you finish watching Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece Apocalypse Now. Lionsgate spared no expense and brought the definitive version(s) of the film.  I’ve always preferred the Redux version.  I’ve watched the Redux version twice since it was released on blu-ray and to say that the film isn’t haunting would be a great disservice to the craft.  I’m still thinking about “the horror.”

3. Solomon Kane – Here’s another film that the makers or powers that be have done justice for.  Solomon Kane was not released stateside, so it was all up to the UK distributors to make the wrong things right.  And they did.  Solomon Kane has gorgeous video and a thunderous and epic soundtrack that I was absolutely floored when I popped this disc in for the first time.  It kicks some serious ass!  If you’re region free, you know what to do.

2. Alien Anthology – The ultimate set for an ultimate series of science fiction-horror films sent Blu-ray aficionados scurrying around like face-huggers.  You even had the paranoid ones that were quick to complain when James Cameron made a particular comment that was taken out of context.  The Alien Anthology hit and for the most part, was reference and near reference in quality and supplements.  People spent weeks devouring every special feature on the many discs included.  I purchased the UK edition which was way cheaper than the U.S. version.  No regrets whatsoever, and it deserves the number two spot on my list.

1. Cronos – Simplicity at its finest.  Some films don’t need two hundred million dollar budgets or fancy computer generated special effects for them to be great.  Guillermo del Toro’s Cronos is that film.  To complete the trifecta (this top ten list has 3 Criterions) Criterion Collection has restored Guillermo del Toro’s first film with painstaking tender-loving-care.  The final disc is a marvel to behold, but it’s the supplement package that joins the primary film content that puts this particular blu-ray to the top of the heap.  “Welcome to Bleak House” is Guillermo del Toro’s second home that was purchased just to house his vast collection of toys, artwork, books, production offices, etc.  Literally, it’s a “man cave” that serves no other purpose than to be a shrine for lots of cool stuff.  I want one!

Honorable Mentions: Saving Private Ryan, Psycho, The Wolfman, Grindhouse, Iron Man 2, The A-Team, Predators, Sherlock Holmes, Daybreakers, Mesrine, Lucky Luke, Metropolis: Reconstructed, and so many, many more!


See you next year!!!!


10 Responses to “Gerard’s Top 10 Blu-rays of 2010”

  1. Brian White

    You had me fooled. I knew Cronos would be high, but not this high. I need to see it! I thought for sure it would be Alien all the way for you!

  2. Brian White

    Actually…I thought RED LINE might be your top!

  3. Gerard Iribe

    What is a RED LINE?

  4. Sean Ferguson

    The only Blu-ray that I’ve seen on your list is The Expendables so I can’t really comment on your choices but I like a lot of your film choices.

  5. Brian White

    @Gerard…that stupid THIN RED LINE flick

  6. Gerard Iribe

    @Brian…Thin Red Line is an amazing film.

  7. Brian White

    @Gerard…I know. It was so amazing that that was the first movie I ever walked out of like 3 hours into it because I just did not care anymore when George Clooney would show up. Then years later I did end up walking out of Chronicles of Riddick.

  8. Gerard Iribe

    @Brian…you do know that the film ends like 2 minutes after George Clooney shows up, right?

  9. Brian White

    Honestly….I could not care less…I was so bored.

  10. Gerard Iribe

    Too bad I wrote this list before I got the Resident Evil: Afterlife blu-ray disc, because it looks and sounds GREAT!!!!!