‘HAHA’ is No Joke

A six-part mini-series from Image Comics that began in mid-January, HAHA focuses each separate issue on one clown’s story. The approach is not conducted in the vain of something like the Joker or killer clowns, rather, HAHA brings forth what are very grounded, real world tales but still fiction. As the series is currently two issues into its run, readers have become aware that while each issue can stand on its own, they are also connected, leaving some wonderment as to how this will all end once the sixth and final issue gets released.

The series is certainly not one for young readers. There are no caped crusaders creating a happy Hollywood ending here. Instead, it is filled with what could be real people who connect with the clown persona and have fallen on hard times. It is disturbing and deep, engaging and reflective. The characters are ones that have a magnetic aura about them, creating a sympathetic reaction from readers despite the fact these fictional beings do not make an effort to escape the dark pits they have fallen in.  It has just become a lifestyle they so embrace.

The series is written by H. Wallace Prince whose other works include Marvel Zombie, Ice Cream Man and King of Nowhere while each issue is drawn by a different artist. This retention/alteration method of delivery provides a consistency in storytelling while at the same time delineating the unique personalities of each issue’s main character. And while any line of work can be tacked onto these stories, it is the concept of people trying to make a living as clowns that works extremely well here making HAHA is definitely worth picking up.

Look for issue #3 to arrive March 23rd in stores.

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