Harry Potter Ultimate Editions Blu-ray Giveaway!

Hmm…We have not had a contest in awhile (clicking my heels)…So let’s have a contest!  Our good friends from Warner Brothers gave us the Blu-ray Ultimate Editions of  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Akzaban and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to give away.  And best of all…1 lucky winner takes home both these Blu-ray bad boys (a $100 value).  Check out the full description below of everything you can win and most importantly…find out how to enter.  Good luck!

Each Ultimate Edition features a new chapter of “Creating the World of Harry Potter,” a unique 8-hour documentary series with never-before-seen footage, intriguing stories and the definitive insider look behind the films.


The Prisoner of Azkaban releases will feature the following bonus materials:

  • Creating the World of Harry Potter Part 3: Creatures and featurette – Tour Nick Dudman’s Creature Shop
  • Additional Special Features: Featurettes – Creating the Vision: an interview with J.K. Rowling and the filmmakers, Conjuring a Scene: Creating Buckbeak and the Dementors for the screen; Additional Scenes and more
  • 48-Page Creatures Photo Book
  • Two Collectible Character Cards: Hermione Granger, Sirius Black
  • Year 3 Lenticular Card
  • Bonus Digital Copy of the Theatrical Film

The Goblet of Fire Ultimate Editions will give you these bonus features:

  • Creating the World of Harry Potter Part 4: Sound & Music
  • Additional Special Features: Featurettes – Preparing for the Yule Ball; conversations with the Cast; Reflections on the Fourth Film; and more
  • 44-Page Sound & Music Photo Book
  • Two Collectible Character Cards: Ronald Weasley, Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody
  • Year 4 Lenticular Card
  • Bonus Digital Copy of the Theatrical Film

The rules of our giveaway are  really quite simple.  The contest is free to enter.  There are only 3 very small catches.  You may enter only once.  The contest is only open to readers in the United States only.  You must be a registered fan/follower on our Facebook andTwitter pages.  If you are not, don’t worry.  You are welcome to join right now by clicking here and here.  And the third rule (read carefully) is listed in the below paragraph.

Here’s all we ask that you do.  Please leave a comment below telling us why you deserve to win these Blu-ray discs.  My writers and I will pick the most original and compelling comment that quite simply, makes us want to give you this Blu-ray prize (provided you are a Facebook fan and Twitter follower of ours in good standing).  Only one entry per person please (no WSB staff).  Make sure you leave your email address (it will not be visible to our readers…I promise).  All entries must be received by 11:59 PM (EST), November, 7th.  The lucky winner will be notified via email.  We will then ask you to provide your mailing address via email so we can pass it along to Warner Brothers to ship your Blu-ray package out to you.  Sound simple enough?  Good!  We thought so.  Just our way of saying thanks for your patronage.  Again…good luck!


14 Responses to “Harry Potter Ultimate Editions Blu-ray Giveaway!”

  1. Andy Chirino

    I am Aaron’s Best Best Friend Forever

  2. Randell

    Because I’m the one and only Ran-Man that has a plan.


    Because my finace loves Harry Potter and these are 100% guarantee I’ll get lucky… twice.

  4. Ron O

    I “LIKE” ed you (and STILL like you on) Facebook. 🙂 My Facebook username is (Ronald Oliver) and I also follow you on twitter. My twitter username is: Haunted_Lair

    Aside from me being a BIG fan of the Harry Potter films, my grand daughter who is six years old and a cancer survivor. Is CRAZY!! about the Harry Potter fims! I would really love to be able to win this cool collection and be able to share it with her…if I win, I might just give it to her. She’s the one who really deserves it. I ‘m just so thankful that she made it through …she literally has gone through so much. Winning this prize would certainly bring joy to her heart as well as mine.

  5. Shawn Inman

    Because I’m a Harry Potter nut! I have always loved the books, reading them several times over. I also have two newborns ready to be indoctrinated in all things Potter.

    Also, it takes a real fan to enjoy all those special materials!

  6. Sean Ferguson

    You should give these to me for making me watch and review Troll 2!

  7. Graham Loff

    There are not a lot of things an 33 year old brother and 18 year old sister can bond over but for us over the last 7 years or so it has been Harry Potter. From taking her to a midnight book pick up for chamber of secrets to the premiere of the upcoming movie in November we have not missed an opening day or release together. We annoy the crap out of the family talking about the books and reminiscing about the random trivia from mugglenet.com. With her going off to college soon and probably being “too cool” to answer calls from her big brother the opportunity to sit and watch every last minute of these ultimate editions together and bond before she leave to go be a college adult. Hopefully we get a chance to do that on a budget we can afford. (free does help)

  8. Matt Blane

    Airy Parter (pronounced in the Harry Potter voice)

  9. Laura DeLuca

    I would love to win because my kids are huge Harry Potter fans but we don’t have any of the movies.

  10. Will Fitzmaurice

    My wife is one of the biggest Harry Potter Fans I know! I buy her the newest HP for her birthday every year there’s a new one to come out! I got the gift sets for the first 2 years but after that they they only came out w/ lame editions w/ limited special features and I can see the disappointment in her eyes! We just finished a Harry Potter Marathon in Honor of Lego Harry Potter, that she beat 99% of the way! If I have to hear about that last gold brick one more time I may throw my PS3 out the window. A far better solution would be distract her w/ these blu rays and hours of features to keep her mind of that damn gold brick!

  11. Kyle

    My brother is convinced that the Ender’s Game series of novels by Orson Scott Card is better than Harry Potter. I think I should get to win so I can show him proof that being a Harry Potter fan actually has some rewards. That and it’s the better book series.

  12. Brian White

    Congrats to our winner Graham!

    Jawookie was SO close! Your comment cracked me up!

    Ron O. (I’m emailing you offline bro).

  13. JAWoOKIE

    Now Im going to have to go to the midnight screening of Deathly Hallows to get lucky. haha

  14. Aaron Neuwirth

    Hey Graham, you did it buddy!!! [knuckle bump]