Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ Blu-ray Pre-Order!

Although the contents of the Machete Blu-ray are still under wraps, fans of the movie have something to rejoice about…the Blu-ray pre-order is up on Amazon right now!  Earlier today we showed you the Blu-ray cover art for Machete, but I most recently found out from the studio behind the film that the Blu-ray cover art was erroneous so I’m taking it down for the time being until we get the official artwork from Twentieth Century Fox.  Here’s hoping it now showcases Jessica Alba. Anyway, we all know we loved it and we all know we are going to support the Blu-ray release, right?  Well, what are you waiting for?  Click on the link to pre-order Machete on Blu-ray today!  And be careful when searching the word “machete” on Amazon.  You never know what NSFW results you’ll come across…LOL.  You’ve been warned!


1 Response to “Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Machete’ Blu-ray Pre-Order!”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    Day 1 for me.

    “Machete don’t text.”