Hawkman Spreads His Wings in Big Return

DC has a massive library of characters to its credit. Some, like Batman (of course), are so successful that there is never a need to shelve the character in any form in comics. Then you have others like Plastic Man which disappear for years at a time, and are then brought back fresh and revamped. Finally, there are those super heroes that are commonly found in the pages of DC Comics, but for some reason or another, disappear for a short time and finally make a big splash in their return. This is certainly the case for Carter Hall, better known as the mace-wielding, sky-soaring hero known as Hawkman.

After a build-up from DC’s Dark Nights: Metal story arc, Hawkman has once again found his strength and identity and returns in issue #1 of a new self-titled series.  Writer Jeff Lemire is the man with the power of the pen here as he guides us on Hawkman’s new journey.  If Lemire’s name doesn’t ring a bell, his past work certainly will.  He’s most recently known for writing Valiant’s successful Bloodshot Reborn series, although arguably his biggest claim to fame is Marvel’s Old Man Logan, which happens to be one my favorite reads of all time.

Artwork, specifically pencilling duties, was commandeered by Bryan Hitch whose notable comic book accomplishments include Age of Ultron and the New 52 Batman: Detective Comics run. Hitch also worked on inking this Hawkman title along with the work of Andrew Currie (Flash Rebirth).  You’ll find the colors a little muted here with a prominence of blues, greens and grays while the lines provide very detailed environments, characters and action.

So where are we with Hawkman these days after his New 52 title never made it to issue #50?  We have a very curious, somewhat troubled, and thoroughly determined Carter Hall on the hunt for his past.  While he’s very well aware of the lives he’s lived and his numerous accounts of reincarnation, he has one simple question…why?  Why, indeed.  While the first half of this issue begins to set the stage, it’s that last half where things really start to get interesting providing a great set-up for issue #2.  Hall starts to get answers, perhaps more than what he or the reader saw coming.

Hawkman #1 is on sale now, and with Lemire writing this story, it’s a safe bet that this is one title you’ll want to follow closely.

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