‘Hitomi’ Seeks Vengeance

Created and written by H.S. Tak, author of the novel Red Shift, the writer describes Hitomi, Image’s latest release, “In feudal era Japan, a drifter with no prospects begins training in secret under Yasuke, a disgraced, once-feared warrior, as she struggles to find her place in a society entrenched in discrimination and violence.” With this debut issue titled ‘Ghost’, readers will soon learn the violent memory she pursues.

Set in Japan in 1590, young Hitomi (not to be confused with the modern Japanese singer) navigates her way through the countryside with reckless abandon as she seeks the man who killed her family when she was but a toddler. Her adventures regularly seem to put her in one death-defying situation after another, though to her, this blatant disregard for her own safety is just a means to an end.  After all, it is her tunnel vision that directs her focus on seeking out the man that eradicated her family.

While the story documents her travels in detail, it does feel somewhat rushed as a lot occurs in such a short amount of time.  The book does secure a foothold in its pacing when it focuses on the present life of the man she seeks.  We get a fleeting but interesting glimpse into the warrior as he struggles to make his own way.  Certainly we will see more of the mysterious nemesis in future issues.

Artist Isabella Mazzanti makes her comic book debut here and gives us imagery befitting of the time, place and mood.  Her detailing has an almost charcoal-like appearance to it at times, or perhaps that’s just my untrained eye for art.  Either way, from the lines of a villager’s clothing to the minimalistic snowy hillsides, Mazzanti proves to be a good fit for the Hitomi series.

Issue #1 is available in stores now with issue #2 arriving November 23rd.

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