‘How Do You Know’ When You’ve Wasted 2 Hours of Your Life?

How Do You Know? — Wow!  Look at the lineup…  America’s Sweetheart Reese Witherspoon, funny man Paul Rudd, popular actor Owen Wilson, screen legend Jack Nicholson and TV and movie mogul James L. Brooks involved in this one…  What could go wrong?  Anything and everything…  This 2-hour rom-com is neither romantic, nor comedic…  It’s ANEMIC!  Reese is torn between Owen and Paul, and Jack is Paul’s father, who has no problem throwing sonny-boy under the bus (sub-plot here…) when it’s convenient to his business life… The actors seem to be reading their lines for the first time, there’s no “chemistry between the actors, and the storyline, when not confusing you, is ridiculous…  If Reese cannot choose the right guy between these two, she deserves to be alone…  Ryan Phillippe would be a better choice here!  Avoid this at all costs, unless you go to the movies to take a well-deserved nap…



1 Response to “‘How Do You Know’ When You’ve Wasted 2 Hours of Your Life?”

  1. Brian White

    Um yeah…I’m going to steer clear of this one. Thanks for your sacrifice Jim!