IFC Debuts “In Her Skin” Trailer

First things first.  Guy Pearce rules.  Okay, with that out of the way, our friends over at IFC Films have been generous enough to share some information with our readers about their newest thriller called In Her Skin.  In Her Skin is the story of a young girl who obsesses over another girl before committing the ultimate unspeakable act.  Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto play the parents of the missing girl and Sam Neil plays the father of the girl with the problems.  In Her Skin looks intense and I’m expecting a great performance by Guy Pearce and all of those involved. 


This is a true story. Consumed with self-loathing, nineteen-year-old Caroline covets, stalks, abducts then murders fifteen-year-old Rachel Barber whom she considers “perfect”; everything she is not: beautiful, self-assured, happy. Rachel’s disappearance triggers an electric reaction from her parents and her boyfriend. Despite police indifference, they mount a very public campaign to find her. Ultimately, they succeed. They “bring her home” to be buried.

In Her Skin is now available nationwide on demand from IFC In Theaters, via Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Time Warner, Bright House, Charter and Insight.


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    It looks REALLY GOOD! It’s nice to see Guy Pearce going back to his native Australian accent.

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