The Complete Indiana Jones Collection on Blu-ray this Fall!

The man with the hat is back – and looking better than ever! The world’s favorite globe-trotting archaeologist is, at long last, embarking on his greatest adventure – when The Complete Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection comes to Blu-ray Disc from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Paramount Home Media Distribution. The Complete Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection will be excavated in the fall of 2012 and will include all four of Indy’s thrilling adventures, using the highest possible high definition picture and audio presentation – along with a “best of” collection of documentaries, interviews, featurettes and a few new surprises. 








Order The Indiana Jones Complete Collection on Blu-ray!



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19 Responses to “The Complete Indiana Jones Collection on Blu-ray this Fall!”

  1. Brian White

    Fill the cups!

  2. Aaron Neuwirth

    No time for love Dr. Jones.

  3. Gregg

    I guess the #1 spot on my 2012 Blu-ray list is no longer vacant.

  4. Aaron Neuwirth

    They’re re-releasing Revenge of the Fallen?

  5. Gerard Iribe


  6. Gregg

    Ah, coming from a few guys who praised Ghost Rider 2, I at least have box office figures to back up widespread support for TF2. You are stuck clinging to an awful film in GR2. It’s like criticizing someone’s cooking while you’re sitting there eating dirt. A filet mignon TF2 is not, but Ghost Rider can’t even make it to the menu.

  7. Aaron Neuwirth

    Gregg’s use of similes to prove his points are hilariously bad. I love ’em.

    For the type of film that it is, Ghost Rider has done pretty well box office-wise, actually, because apparently, that’s the one way to prove a point – which is why we all love Crystal Skull, right?

  8. Gerard Iribe

    I will take GR2 over any of the Transformers films any day of the week. Bloody as hell, please.

  9. Gregg

    Bad similes? Perhaps, personally I dig ’em, but they’re no worse off than the failure of Ghost Rider 1 or 2, which are viewed by many as the worst comic book movies around. As for GR2 at the box office, I could be wrong but I think it’s only pulled in $48 million worldwide. Is that even enough to cover production budget and marketing costs? Not likely, especially since dropping at least $20 million on marketing is commonplace. Add that to whatever it cost to make the movie and this film is (deservedly) in the red.

    Here’s another simile for Aaron to close out this comment. Gerard says he’d take Ghost Rider 2 over any of the Transformer movies. That’s like saying he’d prefer acupuncture with a nail gun over a scalp massage. Hey some people are into that whole pain thing.

  10. Sean Ferguson

    Isn’t this a post about Indy? I think we can all agree that the Indiana Jones films are way better than both of the Transformer and Ghost Rider films combined.

  11. Aaron Neuwirth

    It’s over $100 Mill actually.

    Yes Sean, they are.

  12. Gregg

    As of March 5th, GR2 has brought in $49 million worldwide; $45,138,096 domestic, $4,000,000 international.

    So back to Indy (thank you Sean), what myth or relic would everyone like or hope to see in the next installment should that ever get off the ground? Atlantis? Another visit to the religious?

  13. Sean Ferguson

    There’s not too many things left unless they make something up which they don’t want to do. They did Indy in Atlantis in a cool videogame a long time ago.

  14. Aaron Neuwirth
  15. Gregg

    Aaron, which is correct?

    The Fate of Atlantis. I never played it but yes that was very successful. As for religious artifacts, do they explore other religions this time? Maybe pursue historic cultures or empires…something Roman? Greek? Make something up?

  16. Aaron Neuwirth

    The Fate of Atlantis was awesome! Multiple storylines and choices in that game.

    The breakdown on that site shows a little slack in their updates, Ghost Rider 2 debuted in Russia with $8 mill alone, according to the very same site you’ve referenced.

  17. Gregg

    I stand corrected then. Somebody’s a little behind updating that figures box on their page. I guess I won’t be referencing that site for box office income anymore. BOM looks more comprehensive.

  18. Aaron Neuwirth

    Yeah, it’s a pretty solid site.

    It would be cool to see Indy deal with McCarthyism in some way. Since it’s now in the 50s, like tie it into some sort of Russian arc where he has to globe trot over the Soviet Union or something. I dunno, just leave the kid at home.

  19. Gregg Senko

    Agreed. Maybe the wife too, eh?