It’s Fun to Watch Titans Clash

Clash of the TitansHow do you tell who the hero is in Clash of the Titans?  He’s the one with the buzz-cut.  Sam Worthington of Avatar fame dons the role of Perseus, son of Zeus himself, played by Liam Neeson (who has now been a jedi, a martial arts master, and the trainer of Batman for goodness sake) in a role that is destined to be remembered for it’s costume over it’s performance.  CGI creatures and fun battles galore, but can Clash of the Titans work beyond a brainless popcorn flick?




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1 Response to “It’s Fun to Watch Titans Clash”

  1. Brian White

    Please Chris. I need for you to watch the original 1981 film. You will definitely go back on words about pacing issues. Make no mistake. This film is nowhere near perfect, but this reincarnation is 1,000 times better! And when you mention DVD in your review, you really meant Blu-ray right? 🙂