Jack and Jill (Blu-ray Review)

Razzie® Award Nominated Actor/Actress Adam Sandler is Jack and Jill, a pair of identical twins who gather around for the holidays to spend some family time together. Let me start off by saying that it is not easy for me to dislike a film, but when it comes to Happy Madison produced films, I cannot help but want to shoot my Blu-ray player. Jack and Jill is officially the worst Happy Madison-produced motion picture, which takes the place of the Grown Ups reboot. Just how awful is Jack and Jill? Read on to find out… 



To quote Al Pacino at the end of this film: Burn this. This must never be seen. By anyone.

That quote applies to how I felt after watching the horrendous Jack and Jill. Just when you thought Adam Sandler (the guy in that one good film, Happy Gilmore) couldn’t sink any lower, he goes ahead and cross-dresses. His career was bad enough with Just Go With It and producing Bucky Larson. This is a new low, Mr. Sandler. The first time I saw this trailer, I was under the impression it was one of those fake film trailers used in Judd Apatow’s Funny People. However, Jack and Jill is very much real, and should be feared… by all.

I feel awfully sorry for everyone involved in the production of this film. Well, not really everyone, mostly Al Pacino. Pacino has been in some monster mega-hits such as Scarface, Heat, and who could forget Godfather 2? Just when you thought 88 Minutes was a new low for Pacino, he went ahead and starred in Righteous Kill. Just when you thought that was bad enough, he goes ahead and stars in a film where he falls madly in love with a cross-dressing Adam Sandler. Just be thankful that they did not have a kissing scene. I laughed a few times, but only at the Al Pacino parts, I can assure you. This film also features a very stressed out Katie Holmes, and the regular Adam Sandler movie usuals.

Jack and Jill is heating up the post-awards season. It has successfully earned itself a record-breaking 8+ Razzie Nominations for Jack and Jill. The film has a nomination in almost each category. Adam Sandler really needs to get a hold of his career. He was set to star in an adaption of the popular board game Candyland, but that was scrapped (thank god), and is most likely teaming up with Happy Madison yet again for some sort of Schneider romp. I can’t wait to see how many nom’s that Sandler gathers at next years Razzies!

The Jack and Jill characters themselves annoyed the life out of me. Adam Sandler gives Jill this annoying screeching voice that makes her sound constipated, which is incredibly irritating to hear. Jack, on the other hand, is Adam Sandler in his usual businessman role, which is also incredibly annoying. In the end, this movie was complete crap. Avoid at ALL costs.




The video quality featured on Jack and Jill is quite good. While there is normally not much to expect from a comedy, it somehow works perfectly here. There are plenty of wide-shot landscapes, including a gorgeous one that shoots the Royal Caribbean (largest cruise ship in the world). This is a 1080p (1.85:1) presentation and looks great. My only complaint is that flesh tones may be a bit too “detailed” which is mostly likely a sharpness issue. Otherwise, a fantastic video presentation mostly devoid of lackluster aspects!


The audio quality for Jack and Jill is surprisingly lackluster. It’s not usual where the video/audio scores do not match up, and you know something is wrong when that happens. Jack and Jill features a 5.1 DTS-HD MA 5.1 presentation that is quite shabby. Dialogue levels are average and at times grating, and the soundtrack is filled with annoying pop songs that really do not fit the mood of the film. Could’ve done better, Blu-ray Gods!


Some nifty features here, but they won’t be any good if you hated the film.

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Laughing Is Contagious-Blooper Reel
  • Look Who Stopped By
  • Boys Will Be Girls
  • Stomach Ache
  • Don’t Call It a Boat – Royal Caribbean®



Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill is a simply horrendous film. I have nothing more to say. Avoid this movie at ALL COSTS.





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7 Responses to “Jack and Jill (Blu-ray Review)”

  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    I want to throw up just thinking about this movie.

    …wait, how is Grown Ups a reboot?

  2. Matt Goodman

    Every Adam Sandler movie is a reboot. He tries to reboot his classics with new material, if that makes sense.

  3. Aaron Neuwirth


  4. Brian White

    Yeah. I’m puzzled by that one too.
    So this is a reboot of Water Boy Meets Wedding Singer?
    Anyway, because of this review andy others, I’m staying away. It got a nice marketing push, butain’t it no Project X! Figure that one out, Aaron.

  5. Aaron Neuwirth

    Also puzzling, given that Jack and Jill has made more than Project X will probably end up making…

  6. Matt Goodman

    Project X made a decent amount from midnight showings. I could see it making a good 80m total.

  7. Gregg

    Sandler’s been on a cold streak for quite a while now. Is he just making movies for a paycheck, because this stuff isn’t funny.