Jason Coleman’s Top Five Movie Posters Of 2016

top Five Posters squareIt’s that time of year – a look back at the the best of what 2016 has to offer.  This time out posters are the subject of the day, but first a little past history insight.  I’ve been a movie geek for a long time, but been a movie poster collector since I could walk.  Sharing the passion for posters with my equally film obsessed father, we were so cinematically dedicated that we were even featured in The Financial Post Magazine way back in October of 1990 for our crazed and comprehensive collection.  We were photographed in front of two of our favorites (Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much and the rare style one-sheet of the original Die Hard) for the mag spread – two generations of movie art love on proud display.

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To me there was always something exciting about a really good movie poster, be it the complex nature of those with many hidden details or the simplicity of single images that burn their way into the brain.  But in today’s Photoshop heavy era, some of the artistry of cinematic wall coverings has unfortunately diminished.  The days of greats who made simple studio one-sheets a work of art like Saul Bass and Drew Struzan are not as film fan frequent and hence this somewhat short list for 2016.  I’m very aware that both independent artists and the great Mondo have all but taken up the mantle on memorable movie posters now, but in their world of high prices and lottery chances something has been lost for the little guy.  Movie posters were always the way that the average fan with meager means could own their own work of art and that’s what my list below is about.  These are five movie posters (bigger versions at the bottom!) that the average fan can procure, put on the wall and proudly display without both breaking the bank and jumping through ridiculous hoops to get.  (Up yours eBay price hikers!)  Ladies and gentleman….

Jason Coleman’s Top Five Movie Posters of 2016!

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1. De Palma

de palma 300


It could be my love of Brian De Palma as a filmmaker or perhaps just his movies themselves, but either way both are fully on lush display in this Struzan style poster that has it all.  Featuring the ‘modern master of suspense’ caught peering through window blinds Body Double style at some of his greatest hits (Blow Out, Mission: Impossible, The Untouchables, Scarface, Dressed to Kill and Carrie), it’s an awesome artistic reminder of why we love movies in the first place – the magic.

2. Tonight She Comes

tonight poster


I’d never even heard of this film nor seen it (I’ve been busy people!), but if this hand-drawn looking poster that’s a firm and obvious homage to all things Friday the 13th is any indication of the chaotic quality count me in.  From the striking red river of blood and stark font title art to the creepy cabin bathed in glowing fire light, the only thing coming faster than the naked scary lady front and center ready to do damage are my credit card numbers to secure my own copy.

3. The Love Witch

love witch 300

With the single painted image of Samantha Robinson’s captivating man-eating enchantress in an old school Technicolor inspired layout, this poster for The Love Witch has everything genre fans crave.  A beautiful woman, a bit of blood and a nostalgic feel that the film itself gives off in spades.  Proving simple can still be sinfully sweet, this powerful poster and its sultry subject are definitely worth dying for.

4. Range 15

range 15 300

Blasting itself right into the mix of previous posters that put their own colorful casts at the forefront, this collage of character carnage captures the tone of the outlandish Range 10 picture perfectly.  Weirdos (is that a love doll he’s carrying?!), tough guys (Ross Patterson’s Top Gun Iceman pose kills it!), tough gals (Jessie Wiseman is a true badass!), unflinching leaders (the stone-faced Keith David perched right on top!) and a gaggle of guns going off here means movie poster mayhem is alive, well and ready for fan framing.

5. Intruders

intruders poster

While there is a slightly Photoshop feel to the poster for this five-star hidden gem indie previously called Shut In (up yours Naomi Watts flick – you don’t deserve the title!), there’s also something wonderfully sadistic in it’s simple yet sophisticated staging.  Featuring a run down haunted house spouting sharp instruments swiss army style that are covered in dripping red red kroovy, there are interesting rubik’s cube intricacies here that promise hours of poster happy head scratching – enjoy.

de palma poster

tonight poster

love witch poster

range_fifteen poster

intruders poster





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2 Responses to “Jason Coleman’s Top Five Movie Posters Of 2016”

  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    Nice list. I would throw in that poster for Green Room as a pretty killer one, regardless of thoughts on the film.

  2. Brian White

    Love the magazine intro. Nice personal touch
    The Love Witch would be my favorite.
    Suicide Squad had some really cool posters this year 🙂 I’m just sayin.
    Intruders instantly reminds me of Cabin in the Woods poster does it not?