Jason Coleman’s Top Five Movie Posters Of 2017

Well, it’s that time of year once again movie maniacs.  The time when we look back at the wares of the wondrous past year and highlight that which has given the most joy.  Since my Blu-ray collecting for 2017 has been somewhat minimal, I proudly produce a yearly list of equally arty fare that helps decorate movie geek lairs – all designed for the more frugal film fan.  What follows are my five favorite regular movie posters that the average Joe (or Joy!) can find easily on the web (check those movie poster shops or eBay!), don’t cost an arm and a leg (looking good doesn’t mean having to spend a fortune – twenty bucks or less man!) and don’t have to jump through hoops to get to.  (I’m talking to you Mondo – change your damn system!)  These are wall musts that do so much with so little and kick major ass as a decorative device (I speak from experience and put my money where my mouth is – see bonus pic at the bottom of the article!) – I am proud to present…

Jason Coleman’s Top Five Movie Posters of 2017!

1. The Lure

Steeped in a lush dark aqua green color, this highly original movie poster is equally as unique as the five-star film it touts.  Featuring a lovely but lethal mermaid lying in a bathtub in all her glory, but with a movie poster modesty that keeps it from being graphic, this one uses its watery wily charms to lure the unsuspecting film fan in.  (Notice even the cute kitten has fangs!)  Nature never knew colors like that – but this mesmerizing movie poster does.


2. Burden

As daring and experimental as the man himself, this eye-catching poster for the 2017 doc is utterly electric.  Featuring a young spry Chris Burden, an bold artist who dabbled in everything from crazy performance stunts to sinful sculptures, with a healthy dose of soulful sparks bursting from his chest makes this a perfect poster homage to everyone who ever dared to be different.  The only thing that could make this captivating movie poster more charged would be if it glowed in the dark. (Stay tuned!)


3. Logan

Obviously there’s a certain movie geek love for the more Drew Struzan-esk style IMAX Logan poster designed by talented artist Dave Rapoza, but there’s also something singularly sweet about the moody solo shadow shot of Jackman on the powerful teaser poster too.  Both conveying different sides of the film – one a grand violent spectacle about family and the other a drama about a lonely man haunted by the demons in his past – it’s hard to choose which one is best.  Get both.


4. Atomic Blonde

With last year’s tasty turn as the feisty Furiosa in Mad Max: Fury Road, actress Charlize Theron has solidified her standing as a tough gal who can kick some serious ass.  This simple advance teaser for her action outing Atomic Blonde is the poster epitome of female power with sunglasses clad Charlize standing sexy and skillful with gun in hand ready to get the job done – killing made captivating.


5. The Book Of Henry

While some may think Colin Trevorrow’s smaller film follow up (not counting Jurassic World!) to the hidden gem Safety Not Guaranteed sucks (not me – I kinda dug it!), one doesn’t have to be a fan of The Book Of Henry as a film to enjoy this piece of movie art.  Mixing the detail of Sturzan with the innocence of Amblin for a poster that pays homage to early Spielberg and Zemeckis, there’s no denying that in this one-sheet is finally five-star stuff.

Here’s an extra bonus for those who doubt my dedication to the above selections – a shot of my #1 poster pick on my own wall!  It’s the one-sheet from The Lure surrounded by a rare and no longer available marquee style art deco outer frame, lush off-green custom matte and topped with a very cool picture frame overhead light with multiple color gels (thanks Heather!) that by remote brightens and dims every aquatic highlight this baby has to offer.  I see this every time I walk through the door – ain’t life grand?


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3 Responses to “Jason Coleman’s Top Five Movie Posters Of 2017”

  1. Brian White

    Love the frame you have there!

  2. Aaron Neuwirth

    I’m going to throw in:
    mother!, A Ghost Story, Killing of a Sacred Deer, Colossal, Baby Driver, It Comes at Night and Thor: Ragnarok

  3. Brian White

    I’m also going to throw one in too…my favorite one sheet of them all this year…the Justice League’s YOU CAN’T SAVE THE WORLD ALONE. Say what you want about the film, but that poster is just plain iconic in my eyes and it’s plastered everywhere in my life. Great team building poster to display!