Jessica Alba IS BACK as Sartana in Machete!

Jessica Alba as Sartana in Robert Rodriguez's MacheteMy beloved Jessica is back, finally gracing the silver screen once again!  It’s been awhile since we last seen her in action with her recent pregnancy and all, but now that she’s got that all over and done with we can finally move on and watch her do some serious a#$-kicking once again.  Jessica Alba will be kicking a#$ as an immigration customs enforcement agent in Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming film Machete.

If the film’s title sounds familiar to you, it’s supposed to.  Machete is based off a spoof trailer Rodriguez produced for the Grindhouse series in 2007.  It will star Danny Trejo, of course Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, Rose McGowan and many more.  How’s that for an all-star cast?  Wow!  I did not realize the beautiful Rose McGowan is in this too!  This is going to be two for the price of one!  I can’t wait!

Machete, Danny Trejo, is a renegade Mexican federale and labor worker who gets hired to assassinate a corrupt senator.  However, he is later betrayed.  Don’t you hate when that happens?  He immediately seeks revenge against his former boss, Machete-style.  I am loving it already!  Jessica, who portrays Sartana, is the agent who is desperately trying to track Machete down.  The rumored release date is April 16, 2010.  This will be a day one event for me.  I’ll bring you all more information as I learn of such, but for now, please enjoy below the only movie poster we have so far, which just so happens to feature the lovely Jessica.  Am I not lucky?  Yes, I am!  Now I know why she was seen sporting that red hair for awhile, some months ago.

Jessica Alba as Sartana in Robert Rodriguez's Machete


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2 Responses to “Jessica Alba IS BACK as Sartana in Machete!”

  1. Thor

    This movie can’t come soon enough in my opinion, bring on the Machete wielding!

  2. Bob Ignizio

    Rodriguez had a good grasp on making a cheap, fun grindhouse movie in his ‘Planet Terror’ segment of ‘Grindhouse’, and the ‘Machete’ trailer looked fun. Hope this lives up to it.