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Two Decades Worth of MEAN GIRLS Arrive on 4K UHD Blu-ray, April 30th!

Get in, loser…we’re watching the hit comedy MEAN GIRLS (2024) at home on February 20, 2024 when it arrives to buy or rent on Digital from Paramount Home Entertainment. The new movie will debut on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray™, and DVD on April 30, which just happens to be the 20th anniversary of the original contemporary classic MEAN GIRLS […]


Machete (Blu-ray Review)

Four years ago we caught a glimpse of a fake trailer that would forever change the world of exploitation  cinema for years to come.  Machete! Originally used as a trailer to open Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror, fan reaction was enormous and the world wanted a full feature based on this mythical killing machine.  Robert Rodriguez […]


Machete – He Gets the Women & He Kills Bad Guys

Let me start by saying Danny Trejo is awesome.  The fact that we are living in a time where he is headlining a movie is great.  Trejo has gone from boxing in San Quentin to becoming incredibly prolific, appearing in well over 100 films.  He has served mainly as a memorable, tough Mexican in roles […]


Viva Machete!

“They f****d with the wrong Mexican!” You ain’t never lied!  Chopped straight from the pages of Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror comes the tale of the man, the myth, the MACHETE! Featuring an all-star cast that include: Danny Trejo, Robert DeNiro, Jessica Alba, Jeff Fahey, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson, Lindsay Lohan, Steven Seagal, and Cheech Marin, […]


Jessica Alba IS BACK as Sartana in Machete!

My beloved Jessica is back, finally gracing the silver screen once again!  It’s been awhile since we last seen her in action with her recent pregnancy and all, but now that she’s got that all over and done with we can finally move on and watch her do some serious a#$-kicking once again.  Jessica Alba […]