Justice League banner shows some color, but someone is still missing…

Just ahead of the Justice League panel, Warner Bros. released a new poster for the film, and it is pretty amazing. Like most of you, I haven’t enjoyed the dull color palette of the DCCU films (with exception of Wonder Woman). This is making a statement, and it’s about to be shoved in all our faces. Forget the bleakness of old, and get ready for some optimism.

Let’s take a look at it:


Love the vibrant colors. I love the expressions of all the character. How cool are the symbols in the words? I would absolutely hang this on my wall. Simply put, it’s badass.

How intimidating are Aquaman’s eyes?!? How intimidating is the lack of eyes on Batman?!? I’m still not 100% sold on Cyborg, but the more I see (including the full size costume here at SCDD), the more I’m warming up to it. We’ll know in a couple minutes.

It is the first time we’ve seen these characters together where they actually resemble a team. And a team that will really save the world! They seem to really like one another!

The Alex Ross inspiration doesn’t hurt either:


It’s certainly better than the other images WB has released:


BUT WAIT A MINUTE! Where’s Superman? We definitely know that he’s in the film. HIS LOGO IS IN THE TAGLINE! No doubt we’ll find out in an hour.

Come back and read all about the Warner Bros. panel. I’ll tell you all about our friend Superman.


I never stand in front of the elevator doors when they open. All because of the movie The Departed.

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