Comic-Con 2017 Hall H: The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory returned to San Diego Comic-Con yesterday in Hall H to take you inside the biggest moments of season 10 and behind the scenes of TV’s #1 comedy for a special 10th anniversary panel. From the introduction of Penny’s family, to the baby, to that season finale moment that left fans hanging (What will Amy say?), we joined folks from the show for a lively discussion and special video presentation. From Chuck Lorre Productions, Inc. in association with Warner Bros. Television, The Big Bang Theory returns for season 11 this fall, premiering Monday, September 25 at 8/7c on CBS.  Now let’s talk about this panel!

I have been waiting for this all year!! I was finally able to be front and center for The Big Bang Theory panel at Comic-Con!!! AHHHH. This is definitely my favorite show of all time, just ask my fiancée. Every night at dinner we watch reruns of it and every night he says, “I’ve seen this episode before.” That’s the thing about this show. It never gets old!!!! I watch and re-watch episodes daily. So getting the chance to see them in person was very special to me. The anticipation of waiting for them to appear in the infamous Hall H was intense. I actually made my first appearance in the press pit for it. I wanted to be as close as possible to soak up the experience. Unfortunately all of the cast members were not able to make it, however I was thrilled with who was in attendance.

The panel consisted of Stewart, Raj, Penny, Leonard and was moderated by the one and only Kripkey and Sheldon’s crazy obsessed lady friend. Yes, I talk in TV character names.  It was a real bummer that Sheldon himself was not there, but the rest of the cast did not disappoint. Stewart came on stage sporting sunglasses and his swagger.  He is honestly just as funny as he is in the show. Next up was Raj who was decked out in all white and recording the experience on his cell phone. Then we were blessed with the presence of Penny who is absolutely stunning!! She came out with crazy energy and also had her cell phone up to record the experience. Last but certainly not least, Leonard. He was rocking a crazy long beard and highlighted hair.

The energy from the cast was absolutely contagious. They were having just as much fun as we were. They are all so very humble and Leonard expressed his gratitude at the end of the panel. As soon as everyone settled in, we watch a recap of all The Big Bang Theory show’s Tenth Anniversary, ending with the nail biter of a cliffhanger of last season. I will not spoil it for anyone who may not have watched it. However if you haven’t seen it, WHY?! You could definitely see the chemistry between the cast members and saw that they all are truly friends off set. I missed Sheldon, Amy, Bernadette and Howard, but the rest of them made up for it. All in all it was a great time and I would wait in the Hall H line for another 8 hours to see them again. Thanks guys for all you do!

Here are some pics I took of them coming onto stage and during the panel. Enjoy!

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