‘Kill Zombie!’ on Blu-ray & DVD June 10th!

Kill Zombie - www.whysoblu.comA deadly virus turns the good citizens of Amsterdam into the bloodthirsty undead in the horror-comedy KILL ZOMBIE!, debuting on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital June 10th from Well Go USA Entertainment. After spending the night locked safely away in the local jail, two brothers and two criminals emerge to find their hometown devastated and ground zero for the zombie apocalypse. Joining forces with a lithe and beautiful officer, they embark on a reluctant rescue mission using everything at their disposal – mallets, crossbows, bowling balls, shotguns and heavy artillery. “Writer Tijs van Marle and Directors Marijn Smits and Erwin Ven Den Eshof create a Zom-Com which uses charmingly outdated wit to its advantage. With an entertaining kill count and arsenal that makes Shaun of the Dead look like My Little Pony,Kill Zombie! is a truly entertaining piece worthy of your time.” (Boxofficebuz.com)

“… fun, plain and simple.” ~ LOVE HORROR

“The talent is fantastic, the gore is immense and although CGI laden green blood fills the screen Kill Zombie goes all out on entertainment when it comes to Zombie killing fun.” ~ BOXOFFICEBUZ.COM



Painting the Town Dead


Terror Takes Over in the Horror Zom-Com

Debuting on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital June 10th


A Russian Space station crashes in Amsterdam, releasing a deadly virus that turns everyday citizens into flesh-craving psychopaths. Aziz (Yahya Gaier), his brother Mo (Ouled Radi) and several strangers emerge from jail, oblivious to the mayhem until they team up with a local police officer (Gigi Ravelli). After receiving a desperate call for help, this unlikely band of heroes sets out on an insane rescue mission – and it’s going to take a seriously crazy plan if they want to get out alive…

KILL ZOMBIE! has a runtime of approximately 86 minutes and is not rated.



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Kill Zombie - www.whysoblu.com


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