LA Film Festival 2018 – ‘What To See’

For those who says there’s simply not enough films to watch these days, it’s time for naysayers to rejoice – film festival time!  That’s right you eager movie maniacs, the amazing and inspired looking Los Angeles Film Festival 2018 is about to hit and this year is looking to be as tasty as ever.  Taking place September 20-28 at various Arclight Cinemas and other movie houses around LA (hit up www.lafilmfestival.com for all the Indie cinema skinny!), LA Film Fest 2018 boasts such a diverse and daring line up that it truly has to be seen to be believed.  From tales of masked Latino vigilantes to African American revenge thrillers the fest is once again movie mirroring the melting pot in which it’s located.

And like previous years the coverage here at WhySoBlu is going to be comprehensive so once again both Coleman’s are on the case.  Film Critic Jason Coleman and his moving-pictures loving pop Michael are doing tag-team reviews and articles to help the average movie fan get the most out of their LA fest experience.  So keeping with tradition below is an initial cinematic selection via both father and son of what peaks the duos interest from this year’s crop – it’s time for the curtain to rise on…“What To See!”




World Fiction

“The Cotton Wool War” – A story about a young girl coming of age all the while learning the rich history about the women in her family – the power of the past in this pictures could prove poignant.

“Border” – Described as being destined to be a cult classic, this tale of an emotion smelling border agent just looks too plain wacky and wonderful to miss.


US Fiction

“The Wrong Todd” – What can make a relationship roadblock movie even more interesting?  How about add a thimble of time travel, a pinch of parallel universes and a sprinkle of sci-fi – wrong suddenly feels right.



“We Have Always Lived In The Castle” – Six years of isolation, dark secrets and the powerhouse performance duo of Alexandra Daddario and Taissa Farmiga – a castle worth climbing.

“Good Girls Get High” – The title alone cries watch me, but this could turn out to be a more wild and witty Harold And Kumar for the female stoner set.


LA Muse

“The Advocates” – A topical doc for the area, this candid look at the homeless problem in LA could start a new movie movement for change.

“Saint Judy” – The subject matter alone makes this one worthy, but having one of my acting favorites Michelle Monaghan playing real life immigration lawyer Judy Wood is like icing on the important movie cake.



“False Confessions” – Hitting justice from the railroaded side of coerced victims put under pressure to falsely confesses, this doc is a hot potato I’m eager to open.



“Song of Back and Neck” – Between the out there synopsis (A man resigned to a life of suffering seeks relief in an accidental romance and finding the root of his possibly psychologically caused back pain) and the pic of a man eating Cheerios as if his life depended on it, this song sports equal parts sick and sweet I want to hear.

“Sadie” – Following a spirited 13-year old girl trying to pay homage to her absent military father by attacking her mother’s current beau waging war style could be cool cinematic combat for the kid crowd.



“Deep Murder” – Stock characters from a tacky soft-core porn film get offed one at a time – sounds like Clue for the more mature movie crowd.

“Thriller” – A slasher flick involving truth and consequences that takes place in South Central LA – terror can be topical too.




World Fiction

“Heaven Without People” – Family reunions are always a 50/50 proposition – that’s why man made wine.


US Fiction

“Simple Wedding” – Another The Big Sick style seeming rom-com that could prove a much needed break from mayhem, drama and horror.



“The Chaperone” – A 1920’s costume period piece done by writer, director and star of Downtown Abbey – need I say more?

“Tea With The Dames” – Plowright, Smith, Atkins and Dench – a master class in mavens with moxie.


LA Muse

“Stuntman” – Revisiting Evel Knievel’s failed Snake River canyon jump – I’m there!



“Behind the Curve” – Flat Earth conspiracy theorists – I say let them talk.  (The obtuse are always amusing!)

“Moroni for President” – A gay college professor looking to shake up the status quo – he’s got my movie watching vote.



“Galveston” – A hitman planning revenge and it has Ben Foster – locked and loaded.



“Ghost Light” – A dark costume comedy about a curse – even Shakespeare would be curious.


So stay tuned to WhySoBlu for full coverage of all things LAFF 2018 with the younger and elder Coleman’s – and don’t forget to go to www.lafilmfest.com for all the details!



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