Little Loopers (DVD Review)

Little LoopersLittle Loopers is a young teen-focused film that is not so entertaining for older crowds. Full of fart jokes and other juvenile jokes, it is kind of hard to watch for this viewer. This movie is OK, but nothing spectacular.  Read on and I’ll tell you why.

Little Loopers is directed by Jim Valdez (“Machine Head” and “Zoey to the Max”) and stars Boyd Kestner, Natalie Imbrulia, Jay Ferguson, Mark Moses, and Rob Morrow. When ex-pro golfer and washed out athlete, Hutch McGee, is sentenced to community service as a coach to a local youth golf team, what could possibly go wrong? The entire movie unfolds as a Hollywood formulated story. Angry ex-pro athlete is forced to work with a goup of outcast kids being over-seen by the court appointed single, pretty guidance counselor. His friend who has his life together is his only friend and defender to everyone including the athlete when needed. He’s offered an opportunity to get his “stardom” back but causes betrayal and disappointment which he must make amends to get the girl in the end. Yep! Formulated—all the way!

Honestly, the only thing I liked about this movie is the small on-screen appearances of Rob Morrow, although sparse. His character is very likeable and a welcome break from the cheese that the rest of the movie shoves down your throat. His character is interesting and wise and I found myself wishing to have more of him in the story.

I am still very unclear as to the reaaon that the competing youth’s group coach from another golf course was shown making a fake phone call from a bathroom stall while having a very noisy bowel movement moment. There are a couple of other cheesy, juvenile stunts/jokes, but once you get past that, it’s an OK movie.

Another thing that didn’t appeal to me was the music track choices. This music is just not my cup of tea, and again seemed aimed more for a younger crowd in the audience. It only seemed to add to the reasons to no like this movie.


DVD information:

94 minutes

1 disc

Widescreen 1.85:1


English language

Rated: Not Rated, but would probably earn a PG or PG-13.


Summary: Overall, this movie is just OK. I would give it a 2 out of 5 doggies. It is super cheesy, extremely juvenile, rather bland, and VERY formulated. This one may go over well for the younger golfer enthusiasts between the ages of 8-15, but that’s the only demographic I could see this movie reaching to.



Little Loopers DVD


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