Liz Madden Returns with a ‘Legacy’

liz Madden - Legacy - Why So Blu Over half a decade ago, Irish singer Liz Madden made her Why So Blu debut, discussing her then new album Going Home.  Liz has since built on her successful resume’ of releases, with 2015 being the launch pad for her latest album, Legacy. With each new release, Madden always finds ways to subtly separate the feel of each work from the last. Legacy proves no different.

The melodic empress never ceases to impress as she once again puts forth a solid effort with her latest work.  Legacy was recorded in Philadelphia and New Mexico with a little help from Liz Madden’s family this time around.  More specifically, it was cousin Joanie Madden who joined the Legacy cause, showcasing her talents on the flute and tin whistle for a few tracks on the record.  Joanie wasn’t the only guest performer though, as a plethora of other acclaimed Irish musicians assisted on the team effort, but we’ll talk about that more in a bit.

So just what is the uniqueness that Legacy offers?  Consisting of 14 tracks, Legacy features Liz Madden’s ariose vocals, covering an array of songs from the heralded likes of Joan Baez, Emmylou Harris and Shannon Worrell, just to name a few.  In addition to the American-born tunes on the album, it is also accented with tracks of Irish origin and even an original piece from Madden herself along with Fionan de Barra.  Within these songs are the uniquely pleasing Gaelic chants, cleverly and effectively interwoven with the lyrics throughout Legacy.  Let’s just say it all makes for one audibly pleasing chemistry.

Liz Madden took a moment out of her busy schedule to sit down with Why So Blu and talk a little bit about this new work and how she approached it:

WSB: Is there any hidden meaning behind the album title?

LM: It took a long time to come up with a title. The track list was so diverse and then the sound is so unusual. We chose the title Legacy because even though we are embarking on a new direction and style of music, we wanted to remain connected to the roots in which the music is based….the album is a reflection of our roots….the legacy we have been given and the legacy we will pass on.

WSB: What were your intentions/ goals with this album?

LM: The goals/intentions were to create a new sound in Irish/Celtic music, mixing our heritage with a modern take on Celtic/folk music. This sound is something that myself and (Producer) Fionan are going to continue to develop. We have already started work on some new pieces.

WSB: How would you define the Gaelic chants?  Do they have meaning?

LM: The Irish lyrics are a mix, some are translations of some words/lyrics and others are an extension of the story within the lyrics. They are all new lyric additions added to these songs. For instance on Banks of the Lee, the Irish sections are a secondary conversation/emotion of the narrator.

WSB: With what notable musicians did you collaborate on this album and which songs can they be found on? 

LM: The album was written, arranged and produced with Fionan de Barra who has worked with Clannad, Moyà Brennan, Runa and Riverdance. We had two guest players, Joanie Madden (Cherish the Ladies) on flute/whistle on Banks of the Lee, Boulder to Birmingham and The Night Visiting Song and Eamonn de Barra (Slide) on flute on Scarborough Fair and Noon or Midnight


In short, Legacy maintains variety throughout its 14 songs that range from the ever classic “Will You Go Lassie Go” to the lamenting overtones of “Diamond & Rust” and following up with the more modern “Noon or Midnight.”  This album will take you from North America to Ireland (and back again!) on the wings of Madden’s flawless vocals and a surrounding eclectic aura of chants and instrumentation.

Legacy will be released March 3rd from Valley Entertainment and can be pre-ordered at:


Liz Madden - Legacy - Why So Blu


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