Lunch With The ‘Don’t Think Twice’ Gang!

Don't Think TwiceWhat makes a good interview even better?  How about the addition of some good grub with a good group for good times!  Such is the situation recently when WhySoBlu was invited to celebrate the release of the second film by Sleepwalk With Me writer/director Mike Birbiglia called Don’t Think Twice (currently playing in New York and opening in LA & Chicago on July 29 from The Film Arcade) at a fantastic food spot known as Vintage Enoteca.

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What was offered?  How about not only the chance to chat with Birbiglia and his creative cast including comedians Keegan-Michael Key (go Keanu!) and Kate Micucci in person, but also to enjoy two full rounds of flavorful food, beer and wine?  It’s an offer a film and food fan cannot refuse and more especially because the movie in question Don’t Think Twice, a comedy/drama about the dissemination of a close knit improv group after success comes calling for a select few, is yet another poignant piece for Birbiglia that so deserves to be seen by many.  So in tribute to both the film and our lavish lunch, we’re taking you first on a tasty tour of all things edible, then into some insightful chatter via Birbiglia, Key and Micucci for all things Don’t Think Twice related.  Lunch is served!

Nothing says happy time more than a stocked wine rack!

Nothing says happy time more than a stocked wine rack!

Or a fine selection of French, German and Icelandic beer!

Or a fine selection of French, German and Icelandic beer!

pizza one

Round one!

Deviled Eggs w/Caviar - oh, boy!

Deviled Eggs w/Caviar – oh, boy!

The perfect finish! (Check out more food photos below!)

The perfect finish! (Check out more food photos below!)



Ready to hear more about Don’t Think Twice – got you covered!

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Mike Birbiglia: I was doing shows in New York City and my wife came one night and she said, ‘It’s interesting to see this group on stage because everyone is equally funny and talented and yet offstage this person is a movie star, this person is on SNL, and this person live on an air mattress in Queens.  And when she said that I thought I can picture a movie of that – like a Big Chill type of comedy set in the world of an improve theater.


Keegan-Michael Key: It’s a movie about when you get to a certain point in your life when you realize that maybe things you have set up for yourself then go in a different direction what does that mean and how are you going to navigate the rest of you existence.

Kate Micucci: The script was so beautiful – I read it and I cried.  I also could relate to it and I feel like everyone can relate to it in some way.  Even if you’re not a creative person whatever you do and whatever your passion is you can relate.  Even if you don’t know anything about improve, I think it’s a movie that’s universal.

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Keegan-Michael Key: Surprisingly it’s a very scripted film for a film about improvisation.  But Mike would have us improvise for ten or fifteen minutes, then he would start shooting the scene and then throughout the movie there’s only moments of improve sprinkled into those improv shows.

Kate Micucci: My character was originally a writer, but Mike had seen my cartoons and he said, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we made this character a cartoonist – what do you think?’  And I thought yeah – that’s great.


Mike Birbiglia: I actually have a running document on my desktop since the first movie called Instructions for Movie #2.  (Smiles)  And it’s a long document – it’s like five pages long.  Roll long, shoot more footage, shoot silent scenes and no a@sholes on the cast and crew!  I realized how short my life is with the first movie and I was like I’m gonna work with all people who are great.


The kitchen is now closed!  Go and check out Don’t Think Twice currently playing in New York and opening in LA & Chicago on July 29 from The Film Arcade.

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