New Blu…(Blu-ray Announcements 12/7 – 12/9)

New Blu-ray Announcements (12/7 - 12/9)We got a little behind this week in reporting all the latest and greatest in Blu-ray news so I thought I would make it up to all of you today.  Consider this post your one-stop shopping guide to all the new Blu-ray announcements that have happened thus far this week.  I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive our slacking.  OK…without further ado let’s get started!

Sony – Perhaps the biggest news of the week belongs to Sony.  They announced a February 2nd Blu-ray release date for their monster hit Zombieland.  We will put out a full press release on this title very soon!

Lionsgate – Ah…my favorite Blu-ray studio is back again with their #1 franchise.  Please put your hands together and offer a big round of applause for Saw VI.  The horror franchise’s 6th installment will see a January 26th release date.  We will have a full press release up for this one tomorrow.   Just in case you need a little Saw history lesson (I know how they can all blend together), you can always check out our review of the film here.  Also, WWE’s Rob Van Dam’s Wrong Side of Town will see a Blu-ray release on February 23rd.

Paramount – The classic movie The African Queen, featuring Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn, will be getting the Blu-ray treatment on February 23rd.

Shout Factory – You thought the baseball playoffs were dead and gone?  Guess again!  Shout Factory will be providing baseball fans a chance to relive the World Series in glorious HD.  The 2009 World Series Champions: Philadelphia Phillies vs. New York Yankees will debut on Blu-ray December 15th.

MPI – Here’s a title that strikes my curiosity, but I claim to know nothing about.  MPI will bring the Norwegian dark comedy Dead Snow to Blu-ray on February 23rd.  Supposedly it has something to do with Nazi zombies?  Anyone know anything about this one?

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