NO HOLDS BARRED On Blu-ray For The First Time April 1!

No-Holds-BarredNope, this is no joke! As Brian scratches his head wondering where the heck Double Jeopardy is, Hulk Hogan’s launch to become a movie star in his own right, 7 years after Rocky III is coming to Blu-ray.  I remember this movie and then again I don’t.  I think this came out when I was actually in to WWF (what it was called at the time) and a fan of Hulk Hogan, but I’m not sure if I actually saw it.  Its not a popular film as it has a 5% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but I’m not sure if that measures in accuracy for enjoying it with a different mentality.  We’ll talk about this one more when we get there, but today I’ve got all the specs and pre-order information for you.  You KNOW you want to pre-order this!

Classic 80’s Film Starring Hulk Hogan
No Holds Barred
On Blu-ray for the First Time April 1, 2014

Directed by Thomas J. Wright (Castle) and starring wrestling icon Hulk Hogan (Hogan Knows Best), No Holds Barred will be available on Blu-ray April 1st 2014.

When world wrestling champion Rip Thomas (wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan) refuses to join a competing network, an evil executive creates a new program, “The Battle of the Tough Guys,” where rules don’t exist and men engage in an all-out brawl for money. After a murdering ex-convict by the name of Zeus (Tommy Lister, The Fifth Element) comes out on top as the toughest man, an ultimate title match with Rip is the TV network’s best chance for big ratings. But when Rip refuses the challenge and his brother is roughed-up as a consequence, the world champion has no choice but to teach Zeus a lesson in a final “No Holds Barred” fight to the finish in this 80’s cult classic film.
Exclusive Blu-ray Special Features:
  • No Holds Barred (12/27/1989) Tag Team Steel Cage Match Zeus and Randy Savage with Sensational Sherri vs. Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake
  • Summer Slam (8/28/1989) Tag Team Match Zeus and Randy Savage with Sensational Sherri vs. Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake with Miss Elizabeth
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