Nolan’s ‘Batman 3’ Gets an Official Release Date!

'Batman 3' Gets a Release Date!It’s official!  At least according to Warner Bros. that is.  And I guess that’s all that truly matters.  Right?  Late last week, Warner Bros. broke the news that the follow-up to Christopher Nolan’s 2008 Blockbuster The Dark Knight will hit the theaters on July 20, 2012.  That’s a long time to wait.  I know.  But I am optimistic.  Nolan needed time to deal with Heath’s untimely demise and to get Inception out of his blood.  So now I think he can truly focus on this third and final chapter.  Who’s going to be the villain?  No one knows, but I am willing to bet it’s the Riddler.  Johnny Depp has gone on record saying he would welcome the role.  He may be the chosen one to follow in Heath’s footsteps, or he may not.  We’ll soon see what surprises Nolan has for fans in the near immediate future after Inception is out of the way.  Until then, costumed crime fighters everywhere, wait in eager anticipation of more news.  But hey, at least we now know it’s coming and is official.  Do you need any help with writing it Christopher?  Just hit me up if you do.


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5 Responses to “Nolan’s ‘Batman 3’ Gets an Official Release Date!”

  1. Gregg

    If they end up abandoning the idea for the Riddler (that is, if this is who they ever had in mind) and switch to Cat Woman, I will be sorely disappointed.

  2. Sean Ferguson

    I’m hoping that they use Bane and I’m not talking about the mentally challenged Bane from Batman and Robin, but the one from the comics. He had the intellect and the brawn to beat Batman (for a little while), which no other villian has been able to do although Hush came close. I think whoever they use it will turn out awesome. I have complete faith in Christopher Nolan.

  3. Gregg

    Bane, interesting choice but he may be a little far-fetched for Nolan’s taste. The whole Venom juice thing is on that cusp of ‘yeah right’. Hush, now that’s a bad guy that’s highly likely and one wicked foe.

  4. Gerard Iribe

    Yeah, it will be The Riddler, or someone with the intellect to match Nolan’s own.


    Clock King perhaps?

  5. Brian White

    I actually concur with Gerard here.