The Illusionist Appears on Blu-ray This June

The IllusionistA forbidden romance and stunning mysteries unfold for the first time in High Definition as The Illusionist arrives on Blu-ray this June.  Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings us a world where nothing is as it seems when The Illusionist appears on Blu-ray June 8th at retailers everywhere.  Check out the full details of the Edward Norton and Jessica Biel flick in the below press release courtesy of Fox.



LOS ANGELES, CA (April 29, 2010) – Discover where reality ends and magic begins when The Illusionist arrives in a Blu-ray Disc + DVD combo pack June 8 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. An outstanding ensemble cast including Golden Globe® Winner* Ed Norton (Fight Club), Jessica Biel (Blade Trinity), Golden Globe® Winner** Paul Giamatti (Sideways) and Rufus Sewell (Tristan + Isolde) weave a tangled web of twists and turns in this mesmerizing tale that blurs the line between love and devotion, vigilance and mania and, ultimately, life and death.

The acclaimed illusionist Eisenheim (Norton) has not only captured the imaginations of all of Vienna, but also the interest of the ambitious Crown Prince Leopold (Sewell). But when Leopold’s new fiancé (Biel) rekindles a childhood fascination with Eisenheim, the Prince’s interest evolves into obsession… and suddenly the city’s Chief Inspector (Giamatti) finds himself investigating a shocking crime. But even as the Inspector engages him in a dramatic challenge of wills, Eisenheim prepares for his most impressive illusion yet.

The Illusionist Blu-ray disc + DVD contains the theatrical feature in both high definition and standard definition, as well as special features in standard definition including The Making of The Illusionist and Jessica Biel on The Illusionist featurettes and audio commentary by writer/director Neil Burger. The Blu-ray + DVD combo will be available for the low suggested retail price of $24.99 U.S.


Special Features: (Catalog # 2268687)
? Blu-ray Disc
  ? The Illusionist in High Definition
  ? The Illusionist in Standard Definition
  ? Feature Audio Commentary by Writer/Director Neil Burger
  ? The Making of The Illusionist Featurette
  ? Jessica Biel on The Illusionist Featurette






Bring home The Illusionist today on Blu-ray.



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