Norris…Bronson…Lots of Guns…Blu-ray…NUFF’ SAID!

The infamous Chuck Norris and Charles Bronson will take no prisoners this summer as some of their classic hits are released for the first time on Blu-ray. When Chuck Norris talks, everyone listens – and then they usually die. Watch Chuck take out terrorists, rescue POWs, and save the day in the classic hits Delta Force, Missing in Action, and Missing in Action II available on Blu-ray on June 5 exclusively at Walmart. Norris then returns the following month to take-no-prisoners in Lone Wolf McQuade, and Code of Silence, available on Blu-ray beginning July 17. Charles Bronson says “no dice” to punks, bringing his own kind of vigilante justice to the streets as the heroic Paul Kersey in Death Wish II, Death Wish III, and Death Wish IV available on Blu-ray August 14. Extras?  Sure there are extras.  But who cares when we just gave you eight awesome action films filled with blood and guts for the first time ever on Blu-ray! 

Two Action Superstars Are Coming to Kill You on Blu-ray This Summer


The Only Reason These Films are Being Released on Blu-ray is

Because Chuck Norris Wanted to See Himself in High-Definition



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