Open The Door, Get On The Floor, Everybody’s WALKING WITH DINOSAURS On Blu-ray March 25!

Walking-With-DinosaursWalking With Dinosaurs was a release this Christmas that failed to catch on with audiences in the US.  Some might not have even heard of it.  This was a big project that opened with a whimper a midst all the Oscar buzzed film and popcorn flicks.  It did manage to recoup the budget overseas without factoring marketing.  Featuring the voice talents of Justin Long, Karl Urban (yay!) and John Leguizamo, this film didn’t manage to please critics or audiences too much according to online film scoring websites.  Those of us who missed it can find out for ourselves next month when it arrives on Blu-ray just in time for Easter.  Below you can check out all the details of this release as well as the ever so helpful pre-order link! 

Welcome to the World of Dinosaurs in this Epic Adventure for the Whole Family

Walking With Dinosaurs TITLE CARD

**Walk Alongside Dinosaurs and Bring the Journey Home this Easter**

Migrates to Blu-ray™ 3D, Blu-ray and DVD March 25

LOS ANGELES (February 6, 2014) – Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and BBC Earth Films invite you to bring home Walking with Dinosaurs The Movie, an awe-inspiring adventure 70 million years in the making, now stomping in just in time for Easter.

Dino fans of all ages will be ‘herding” to get their own copy of Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie, releasing on Blu-ray™ and DVD March 25. Hailed by viewers for its explosive visual achievements, Walking With Dinosaurs The Movie is “Jurassic Park meets The Lion King” (The Today Show) and “…too good a visual treat to miss” (Philadelphia Inquirer).

Experience the spectacular story that brings dinosaurs to life and the viewer back in time. Directed by Barry Cook (Mulan, Arthur Christmas) and Neil Nightingale (Meerkats: The Movie) and the writer behind the hit film Happy FeetWalking With Dinosaurs The Moviefeatures heart-warming performances from an incredible ensemble of Hollywood’s biggest stars including: John Leguizamo (Ice Age, Rio 2), Justin Long (Alvin and the Chipmunks, Dodgeball) and Karl Urban (Star Trek).

Satisfy your omnivorous appetite with tons of interactive bonus content including:

“The Ultimate Dino Guide” where hatchlings of all ages will be immersed in their own personal journey to uncover the greatest secrets about their favorite dinos.
Test your skill by learning a whole new language with “Match the Call,” and hear how Dinos communicated with their friends and foes.
“Interactive Map” takes the viewer on an interactive tour of where dinos roamed the earth, uncovering the same places people live today.
Become a dino expert as you watch the movie and follow along with the pop-up“Brainosaur Trivia Track”

Filmed with the latest in cutting edge 3D technology, Walking With Dinosaurs The Movietaps the masterminds behind visual hits like Avatar, using Cameron Pace Fusion 3D technology to fully immerse viewers while recruiting animation house, Animal Logic (The Matrix Trilogy, 300), to bring digital dino magic to life by creating photorealistic dinosaurs based on paleontological research from world experts retained by the BBC.


The gigantic voice talents of Justin Long (Alvin and the Chipmunks franchise) and John Leguizamo (Ice Age franchise) take you on a thrilling prehistoric journey the whole family will enjoy! In a time when dinosaurs rule the Earth, the smallest of the pack — a playful Pachyrhinosaurus named Patchi — embarks on the biggest adventure of his life. As he tries to find his place in a spectacular world filled with fun-loving friends and a few dangerous foes, Patchi will discover the courage he needs to become the leader of the herd…and a hero for the ages.

The film’s run time is approximately 87 minutes and is rated PG for creature action and peril, and mild, rude humor.

Deluxe Edition 3D Combo package includes Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital HD

Feature film in high definition, standard definition and 3D
Blu-ray™ Exclusive Special Features:
Ultimate Dino Guide
Interactive Map
Match the Call game
Brainosaur Trivia Track
Cretaceous Cut (the movie in its “natural” version)
Nickelodeon Orange Carpet Dino Rap


Blu-ray™ Combo includes Blu-ray™, DVD, Digital HD

Feature film in high definition and standard definition
Blu-ray™ Special Features
Ultimate Dino Guide
Interactive Map
Match the Call game
Brainosaur Trivia Track
Nickelodeon Orange Carpet Dino Rap



Feature film in standard definition
DVD Special Features
Dino Files
Match the Call game




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