Paranormal Activity 2 Scares on Blu-ray in February

A new year, a new scare.  What would 2011 be without the upcoming Halloween franchise that will probably replace the Saw series for the moment?  I’m talking Paranormal Activity 2 folks.  Paramount has officially made plans to bring the thriller to Blu-ray as an Unrated Director’s Cut on February 8th.  The release will see a DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio surround track and will feature a DVD and Digital Copy of the Unrated film.  Bonus materials are as follows.

  • Original Theatrical Version of the Film
  • Unrated Version of the Film
  • Found Footage
  • Teaser Trailer


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2 Responses to “Paranormal Activity 2 Scares on Blu-ray in February”

  1. Aaron Neuwirth

    Looking back on this film, I still like it a lot and think it serves at making the first film better. Although, I’m not sure watching it on Blu-Ray (as good as the sound and picture may be) would create the same tense experience that it does in theaters, or could it? I guess in the dark, by yourself, it could be pretty frightening.

  2. Gerard Iribe

    I didn’t care for the first film, but appreciated the low budget-ness and the BALLS to go out there and make a movie. The dude’s career in Hollywood is assured and all it cost him was 15k.

    I’d say the soundtrack will benefit way more than the PQ portions of the show.