Porcelain Black Shows Us What Rock N Roll Looks Like

Alright.  Here’s the conundrum I face.  Do I or don’t I?  When it comes to discovering new talent I tend to believe whatever I like will go on to become the newest fad.  Who doesn’t like to think that way?  Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s a curse in disguise.  My wife thinks I’m full of it, but what does she know.  I aksed my fellow writer Gerard Iribe today if he would mind if I did a very short piece on my latest musical find.  He said sure…go for it.  I know, right out of the gate, I will be blasted with Burlesque-like insults, but quite frankly, I don’t bleeping care.  Like my leading lady within this piece shows us, “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like.”

So yeah, I’m always on the lookout for new and fresh music/artists that I can eat up and what’s better than free?  Right?  I know!  So as I was busy at work Friday morning I checked to see what the free single of the week was on iTunes and low and behold there was this beautiful/seductive temptress there basically saying just download me.  Who the hell am I to resist?  I read a few of the user reviews, but I’m like what the hell.  It’s free!  What do I have to lose?  If it sucks, I will just delete it.  Either way it’s a win-win situation.  And man…was it ever a win!  Friday morning I discovered one hell of a song.  Now that’s not to say this tune doesn’t come without controversy.  Many will say she is completely manufactured sound and looks.  I guess at this point in my life, since I don’t know too much about her, I can’t agree or disagree with those critics.  Others say they liked her voice on her previous recordings and this track sounds completely different.  Well duh!  Aren’t artists supposed to grow and take risks?  Again, I can’t find much on her to honestly debate this other than mentions of a band known as Porcelain and the Tramps.  Did she sell out? Who knows, who cares? What I do know is that her groove is infectious and her looks catapult between Lady Gaga and a seductive female version of Marilyn Manson.  And I love that yin-yang thing she has going on.  It’s quite a turn on for this closet gothic guy.  But anyway, I digress.  Let’s let the music speak for herself.

Like I said before, I was hard pressed to find anything on the Internet about my newest diva discovery.  Oh yeah, I guess I should mention her name, huh?  That would be nice!  LOL.  I’m talking about the one and only Miss Porcelain Black.  Her newest single with Universal Republic is titled “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like.”  I’ll be the first to admit.  It’s bubblegum rock.  But it’s catchy as hell.  IMO.  Her raspy voice and exotic appearance just does me in.  I’m hooked.  I’m addicted.  I’m yours Porcelain Black.

The following is reprinted from an article I found today on www.rap-up.com and I wanted to share with all my readers.

Lil Wayne knows a bad chick when he sees one.  The Young Money chief is convinced that Porcelain Black is the next big thing, praising the glam rockerwhile on set of her video for “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like.”

“The baddest bitch in the game, you feel me?” said Weezy, who appears in both the video and on the single.  “I said it, you dig?  And I’m aight, too.”

The 25-year-old Detroit native, who is currently opening on the “I Am Music II” tour, explained that the single is for anyone who’s ever been bullied or treated like an outcast.  “I think that was a really important song for us to be the first single because it’s a good message, but it’s badass as f**k at the same time and there’s lots of kids out there that got picked on growing up,” she said.  “You gotta embrace who you are and never be ashamed of who you are.  It’s important to be creative.  It’s important to be different.”

Again, I don’t know about you, but she seems like my type of girl.  Her first single speaks to me like a rebellious rock anthem I needed in school.  Porcelain is currently working on her Universal Republic debut with producer RedOne.  I’m looking forward to that one.  Can I please review it Miss Black?  Is that a yes?  So without further ado, click below to check out Porcelain’s debut single with Universal Republic, “This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like.”

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8 Responses to “Porcelain Black Shows Us What Rock N Roll Looks Like”

  1. Gregg

    I was digging this until Lil Wayne showed up in the video. I can’t stand to look at that guy or listen to his voice. That aside, it was still a decent tune overall and like you pointed out, is bubblegum rock. It’s hard not to say though that Porcelain Black is not trying to be her own sort of Lady Gaga, at least in appearance and actions. Then again some have said Lady Gaga is trying to be like a 1980’s Madonna. As long as she’s not replacing talent with auto-tunes (aka Black Eyed Peas), I say rock on, sister.

  2. Gerard Iribe

    As I told Brian, I love the image (she’s a looker), but it doesn’t mesh well with bubblegum pop-rock. Now if she were a hard rock artist then that would be another story.

  3. Gregg

    I agree. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to be a new band and market rock n roll today, no matter how good you are. R&B and pop just dominate the landscape and while every genre has its place, rock has taken a backseat which is really unfortunate.

  4. Brian White

    I guess I’m in the minority here, but I really dig everything this girl has going on from her looks to her vocals. I’m eager to hear what the rest of her yet to be released album will sound like 🙂

  5. Gerard Iribe

    @Gregg, then why front like a rockstar? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the money, but if I’m going to promote myself as a rockstar then I’m going to rock out. This young lady’s image is rock, but her music is not. And WTF is Lil Wayne doing there?!?!?!?!

    It’s the most incongruent thing I’ve ever seen.

    @Brian, there’s no accounting for taste, I guess.

  6. Brian White

    I can’t help it Gerard. She has the right mix of pop sensibility and rock. I love the harmony and vocals. And her looks…wow! I love that cookies and creme outfit she adorns in the video. That’s hot! I will hold back any further judgment though until I either talk to her or hear her new album. Until then…I’m rocking her!

  7. Ashley F

    I have been listening to her since she was a part of Porcelain and the Tramps, and I still love her music. Obviously, becoming a bigger star is going to change her music a bit, but the girl is being herself and has changed her looks quite a bit too. She is an amazing singer and sexy as hell. She may not be what you consider rock, but she is badass. Who cares if she did a song with Lil Wayne, rock and rap beats compliment eachother really well.

  8. lisa

    Ashley..you are so right!
    she is an original, and stays true to her detroit rock city roots. my son and two of his friends are playing in her band on the tour…