RANGO is Fun for the Whole Family!

Not often can I recommend a movie for the entire family to see together.   Many movies are niched to a specific audience and age demographic, and many times parents struggle to find something everyone can enjoy.  RANGO fits this bill nicely.   Gore Verbinski has assembled a winning team of voices for the animated characters, and they really fill the bill!   Johnny Depp of course plays the reluctant hero, RANGO, a wanna-be thespian chameleon with some pretty good acting chops. He wanders in to a dried-out western town (literally) and sets himself up as a dangerous kind of dude that people should fear and respect.   Hey, nobody knows him in this town anyway, so why not play it big?   Well, his “acting” gets him into  more than he realizes or is prepared for, and hilarity and danger ensue.   With voices of Ned Beatty, Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, and Bill Nighy working their magic, this movie really works.   Now, to be fair, there are a few scary moments, scenes and a bit of authentic language in this western, and little children may get frightened, but the movie is well-done, fun, beautifully animated (thanks Industrial Light and Magic!) and worthy of a look.   Give RANGO a chance to win you over.   One of the best of 2011 so far!


4 Responses to “RANGO is Fun for the Whole Family!”

  1. Taygan315

    Looking forward to seeing this one. The animation looks great…on par with Pixar,imo.

  2. Brian White

    I will blind buy this on Blu-ray. I heard enough good things about it.

  3. Sean Ferguson

    With animation by ILM I’m going to see this for sure.

  4. Gerard Iribe

    Blind buy!